Why can it be hard to breathe

Almost every one of us came across the fact thatFor a moment, he "catches his breath" in his chest and at times it becomes hard to breathe air. These may be symptoms of lack of oxygen due to heavy physical exertion, and there may be more serious causes that lead to serious illnesses. How to recognize the symptoms and how to act in such a situation, we will tell in this article.

The main reasons why there is a weight

If, during breathing, you have felt heaviness and discomfort, this may be a consequence of such phenomena:

  1. Infectious diseases of the respiratory system. This is the most obvious reason that arises from such ailments as ARVI, pneumonia, influenza, etc. A sour cough appears along with other symptoms - fever, fever, runny nose, etc. Therefore, it is quite easy to recognize such an ailment. The main danger in this case is the risk of developing bronchitis, tuberculosis and obstructive pulmonary disease.Why can it be hard to breathe

  2. Another reason why painfulbreathing, is a vascular pathology. Such symptoms can appear after a stroke, a trauma or a protracted flu. As a rule, dyspnea is accompanied by severe drowsiness, poor working capacity and scattered attention. In this case, you need to contact a neurologist who will identify the actual factors of the process violation.

  3. Pathologies of the heart. They cause shortness of breath, shortness of breath, lack of air. Such signs can not be ignored, because they can be the result of the damage to the arterial vessels that feed the heart muscle. In addition, a severe cough, a violation of the depth of breathing and rhythm are the first signs of angina pectoris. Therefore, you need to do a detailed diagnosis.

  4. Nervous system disorders are another reasonproblems with the respiratory system. Thus the person feels strong excitement, since the brain can not be saturated with oxygen, as well as a violation of blood pressure. If the full breathing and nutrition of the cells with oxygen is not obtained, a respiratory spasm occurs. Usually, such a disease does not need urgent help. It is enough to take sedatives and relax, to remove stress. For the speedy normalization of the respiratory process, it is recommended to breathe rhythmically and evenly.

  5. Bronchial asthma is a commona disease that provokes the difficulty of exhalation in a person. In this case, the patient feels the strongest attacks of suffocation. Unlike heart dyspnea, when a person can not draw a breath, it becomes difficult to exhale with such an attack. Puffiness of the extremities is not observed. In this case, it is also worth immediately contacting a specialist, otherwise death is possible.Why can it be hard to breathe

  6. Progressive anemia is another problem withbreathing. Identify it is quite difficult, because on a routine examination of the heart and lungs, it is not visible. For this, it is necessary to take a blood test from the patient. With such a disease a person feels chronic fatigue, low endurance, loss of strength and malaise.

  7. Allergic reactions. Bound breathing is a typical reaction of the body to external stimuli. For example, a severe allergic reaction can cause Quincke's swelling, which requires immediate medical attention.

How to treat heavy breathing?

Why can it be hard to breathe

Regardless of the reasonprovoked complications with breathing, this disorder always speaks of more serious diseases. Therefore, do not self-diagnose and self-medicate, but immediately consult a doctor. First of all, go to the reception to the local therapist, who will have a qualified consultation and send to a profile doctor.

Thus, we have analyzed the main cases,when there can be a wheezing cough, shortness of breath and heaviness in the chest. If it becomes difficult for you to breathe, immediately consult a specialist for further diagnosis.

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