Vitamins for the eyes: in drops and tableted

Vision is one of the most important functions inhuman body. It allows not only to coexist normally with the surrounding world, but also gives the opportunity to fully enjoy every moment lived. It is through the eyes that we can contemplate the beauty of nature, the smile of a child and the clear sky above our heads.

To keep your eyesight quality, you needDo not forget to do special exercises, give your eyes rest, eat right, etc. Usually people do not have time to devote enough time even to their own health, which leads to its deterioration. Fortunately, today's development of medicine allows you to provide the necessary care, even in the hectic routine of everyday life. For this, various capsules and eye drops with vitamins will be useful.

Vitamins for the eyes: in drops and tableted

Essential Vitamins

Vitamins help maintain acute vision infor a long period and to remove signs of eye fatigue. The most popular drugs recommended by doctors are thiamine, vitamin C, A, PP, B12, pyridoxine, folic acid and riboflavin.

If a person gets the right amount of datasubstances, then not only vision will remain excellent, but also well-being in general. Increases efficiency, remains cheerful and optimistic. If there are any eye diseases, the symptoms will gradually begin to subside under the influence of these substances.

Ophthalmologists recommend paying attention totheir food. The diet should contain enough fresh vegetables (especially carrots), berries and fruits. In winter, it is not always possible to purchase these products in fresh form, therefore, experts recommend using vitamins for the eyes in drops. They will help maintain the required level of essential substances throughout the year.

Vitamins for the eyes: in drops and tableted

Vitamin drops for eyes

Wellness complexes are made in such a wayso that the components mutually complement each other and have the most effective impact. Here are a few tools that use good reviews among doctors and patients:

  • "Vezioned". The drug is produced on the basis of beta-carotene, blueberry extract, vitamins B and E. It helps to relieve fatigue and has a preventive effect;

  • the Italian preparation "Mytilene Forte" is used to treat diseases of the retina, eye muscles, myopia. It protects the eyes from the effects of free radicals;

  • vitamins for the eyes "Androuzen Forte" contain a large number of antioxidants and help with cataracts, as well as glaucoma;

  • Vitamin complexes "Strix", "Blueberry Forte", "Biofit Bilberry" will help with myopia and farsightedness even in a progressive form;

  • "Ogovit with blueberries" will help maintain all the functions of the eye and slow down the development of clouding the lens.

A lot of money has in its composition blueberry extract, since this particular berry is a real panacea for sight.

Vitamins for the eyes: in drops and tableted

Folk ways

Very effective are funds from traditional medicine. For example, tincture of the herb of the ovary helps restore the eyes tone and shine. You need to wash them with decoction twice a day.

In just a few weeks you will be able to feelpositive progress if you include in your daily diet freshly squeezed carrot juice with natural honey. Also, juices from celery, chicory and parsley have excellent properties.

Often let your eyes rest. Especially, this applies to those who work a lot at the computer. Remember - maintaining health is much easier than restoring.

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