Many owners are interested in how to understand the behavior of a cat? Why does a cat purr and see the world? In what colors do they see everything, how do they perceive the things around them? The owners of cats can not imagine, how do cats see. The country of the Soviets will answer this very interesting question.

Many people think that if a cat has such big eyes, then they see perfectly. But maybe that's not quite true? After all, by the expression "excellent vision" we mean ability to see well both far and near, and distinguish colors. But for cats, certain faculties of vision are not essential. The vision of cats is very different from the human. So how do cats see?

To begin with, you should pay attention to cat's eye cat's structure. Even outwardly you can already see that the structure of the cat's eyeis very different from the human. Cats have a vertical pupil, which, if necessary, can narrow into an almost imperceptible lobe or completely open, acquiring a round shape. This structure of the pupil is much more profitable than the round one. Bright sunlight blinds everyone, but that he does not harm the cat's eyes, he almost does not penetrate into the thin pupil. Natural evolution has led to the fact that the cat's eyes, like a night predator, are protected in the best way from the negative effects of sunlight.

How do cats see in the dark?

The way cats are seen unusual internal structure of their eyes. The eyes of any living being consist ofset of special cells - photoreceptors. All photoreceptors are divided into two types: cones and rods. Sticks are responsible for twilight vision, and cones for visual acuity, the ability to distinguish between small details and colors. The ratio of cones and rods in the eyes of these or other species of animals is different. It is more important for a person to see in the daytime and to distinguish colors. But for a cat it is much more important to see well at night. Therefore, the number of rods in a cat is much larger than cones. Also on the retina is the place of the best vision. If a person in this place has a dimple shape, then the cat has a disc.

How cats see our world: photo
But it is also worth noting that the cat near the photoreceptors has special formations called tapetum. All unabsorbed light Tapetum intercepts and sends back to the retina. This feature of the structure of the eyes allowssee animals in the twilight, as in the day. And at night cats see as we see at dusk. By the way, the presence of tapetum leads to the fact that animals have eyes at night. But in fact it is not a glow, but only a reflection of light by the tapetum. We hope that with that, why the cat glows in the dark, now you understand. If the cat did not see well in the dark, her eyes would not glow.</ p>

What colors do cats see?

It used to be that cats, like dogs, do not distinguish colors, that is, they have monochrome vision. It is believed that all day animals have polychrome vision, but night - monochrome. In conditions of darkness, it is impossible to distinguish colors, and it is not very necessary. But the presence of cones in the structure of the eye already indicates that the animal should distinguish colors.

But back to how the cats see. For a long time scientists believed that cats do not distinguish colors. But it is not so. In addition to the shades of the gray cat, other colors are also perceived. All cats perceive the world in shades of green, gray and blue. Also, cats distinguish between purple and yellow, although the latter can sometimes be confused with white. But the red, orange and brown cats do not distinguish absolutely.

How do you see the cat world?

Cats are excellent hunters, so there is an opinion that they have very keen eyesight. But unfortunately, cats do not see as clearly as people do. So how do cats see?

Cat's eyesight is not very sharp, so she sees little details, rather vague. But still, cats are excellent hunters, since they succeed in this? During the hunt, the cat is guided by the sound. And let her not very clearly see, but the slightest movement notices immediately. Cats perfectly see the moving objects, but their details are not distinguishable.

Also worth noting is the fact that the cat sees at 270 °. Each cat's eye covers 45% of the entire picture. This ability gives the animal the opportunity toit is also good to determine not only the shape of the object, but also the distance to it. What gives such a vision ability to a cat? This vision provided the cat with the ability to distinguish the distance of the site to which it jumps, with an accuracy of 3-5 cm. That is why cats almost never fail when they jump on anything.

How do cats see it?

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