Useful properties of olive oilPractically no dish of Mediterranean cuisinenot without the use of olive oil. In addition, olive oil is constantly used not only in cooking, but also as one of the components of cosmetics for the face and hair. The country of the Soviets will tell you which properties of olive oil make this product so valuable.</ p>

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean know about the benefits of olive oil for a long time. Perhaps they live so long becauseconstantly use olive oil for food. But to buy a quality and useful product, you should know how to choose the right olive oil. Only then can you be sure that the olive oil you have acquired will not harm you.

Olive oil: useful properties

So, it's worth to tell a little more aboutwhat properties of olive oil you should pay your attention to. Very useful olive oil is recommended to enter into your diet to each person. The fact is that in olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which are very useful for the heart. Due to these fats in the blood, the level of cholesterol is lowered, which clogs the blood vessels with its plaques. But do not think that any cholesterol is harmful. Due to the properties of olive oil, only the level of "harmful" cholesterol - low-density lipoproteins - is reduced. But the level of "good" cholesterol - high-density lipoproteins - is increasing. Thus, with the constant use of olive oil, one can maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

The beneficial properties of olive oil also lie in the fact that this product is able to protect against the formation of malignant tumors of the breast and intestines. Also do not forget that with the help ofolive oil can significantly reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. That's why it is recommended to lubricate the skin with olive oil every time after sunbathing. These magical properties of olive oil are explained by the fact that it contains oleic acid, which, by the way, is the main component of this product.

In addition to oleic acid the composition of olive oil is a very large amount of vitamin E, which actively participates in the assimilation of other vitamins by the body: A and K. Thus, with the constant use of olive oil, a whole process of rejuvenating the body starts.

Olive oil: harm

It can not be said that all products are equallyare useful. With excessive use of any product, side effects may occur. That is why it should be mentioned that, despite all the healing properties of olive oil, it has some contraindications. Olive oil has a pronounced choleretic effect. That is why people suffering fromcholecystitis, should use olive oil with caution. And it is better to consult a doctor beforehand. Also do not forget that the use of olive oil in large quantities negatively affects the stomach.

To all who follow their weight, it should be remembered that olive oil is very high in calories. In 100 grams of the product contains 898 kcal. But a lot of olive oil still can not eat, because it quickly enough gives the saturation effect.

The harmful or useful olive oil is for you, it's up to you. But the advantages of this product are recognized all over the world. That's why olive oil is so oftenused for cooking. And that positive effect of olive oil for the hair and face could be felt by any girl who at least used cosmetic products made on its basis.

Useful properties of olive oil
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