How to draw valentines

To impress your half skillfully drawnA postcard is not given to everyone, because you need to be able to draw for this. This opinion is fairly widespread among representatives of both sexes, but it is fundamentally wrong. If you are sure that you do not know how to draw valentines, then we will teach you to do it yourself. In the article you will find step-by-step drawings, repeating which you will get a wonderful picture for the holiday of lovers.

How to draw valentines with your own hands: a heart on the wings

Heart - the most famous symbol of the Day of Alllovers, and therefore it is most often portrayed on valentine cards. Drawing a beautiful heart with wings is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. So, let's get started.

  1. From the hand draw an egg, dividing it by a line exactly in the middle. From the edges we outline the future wings.How to draw valentines

  2. Draw the wings. In the indicated boundaries draw feathers, making sure that they are similar to the neighboring ones. Do not hurry and do not put pressure on the pencil so that unsuccessful strokes can be easily erased. Having finished with feathers, we draw the heart - by two half-ovals we connect the "egg" and the line in the middle, below we draw a triangle, also pushing it into the middle line.How to draw valentines

  3. We finish the angel wings, make them fluffy. From one edge of the heart, you can draw a round halo and curly ribbons. Then erase all the auxiliary lines, and outline - circle in bold.How to draw valentines

  4. Now the simplest part is coloring. Give vent to your imagination so that the valentine turns bright and cheerful, but consider the compatibility of colors, so that the postcard does not become lurid.How to draw valentines

So simply, having spent very little time, you have got such an original and beautiful postcard. It remains only to sign it - and give it to your chosen one or your chosen one.

How to draw valentines in pencil in stages: a heart with a rose

A loving heart with a rose will appeal to any lover. Draw this valentine with your own hands, looking at the pictures below, it's easy.

How to draw valentines

We begin the drawing with the overlapping element - roses.

How to draw valentines

Now draw the petals from the rose, as shown in the picture.

How to draw valentines

Now draw a big heart. For convenience, you can first draw a thin straight line, which will mark the middle of the future heart.

How to draw valentines

Draw out the eyes, the nose, the blush and the stem of the rose.

How to draw valentines

You can draw contour lines and decorate.

How to draw valentines

Such a sweet heart with a flower will say more about your true feelings than dozens of words.

How to draw valentines

How to draw a valentine on paper

Of course, not everyone can consider themselves to be great artists, but anyone can draw a card with two cats in love.

How to draw valentines

  1. Draw two auxiliary circles, which will be the heads of our beloved kittens. Then gently draw faces facing each other.How to draw valentines

  2. We add eyes, a nose, draw ears.How to draw valentines

  3. The bodies are most simply represented in the likeness of bottles or vases. Then draw the tails in the form of an invariable attribute of love - the heart.

  4. We add hearts around the cat couple.How to draw valentines

The postcard is ready, it remains only to erase the auxiliary lines and decorate it at will.

You are already convinced that the problem is how to drawvalentines with their own hands, it becomes absolutely not a problem if you use the method of phased image. Give creativity a little time - and your half will appreciate it.

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