Cufflinks do not have to be strict andofficial - a small individual detail on a strict suit looks even more impressive and says a lot about the owner. Here are 5 ideas on how to make unusual cufflinks.

Cuff links consist of two parts - a mechanism,allowing to fix them on cuffs, and top ornaments. The mechanism can be bought separately, the bases for cufflinks are sold in any store for a hobby or needlework, or you can make yourself from a short pin and one rivet.

Necessary materials

If you chose the second option, for the basics, take:

  • 1 large rivet;

  • 1 short metal pin under the color of the rivet;

  • 1 short metal pin under the color of the rivet;

  • solder.

  1. Insert the pin into one of the rivet parts (not smooth, but with a hole), and solder it to it.

  2. Attach the second piece from above, but do not drive it with a hammer: the upper rivet can be used as a button, it snaps into place and can be removed.

The base is ready, now you need to make the top, decorative part.

Cufflinks from old CD-ROM

Cufflinks from old CD-ROM


  • old CD-ROM;

  • 2 wide coins;

  • hammer, solder, burner, sandpaper, hacksaw;

  • glue gun with transparent glue;

  • paper blanks with a logo (if you want), or just black thick photographic paper;

  1. Treat the coin with a hammer and a burner so that its edges are evenly bent inside.

  2. Handle a coin with a hammer and a torch

  3. Remove the upper, iridescent layer from the CD.

  4. Cut out from it and from paper (with or without logo) mugs, ideally suited for coin-billet.

  5. Glue the paper inside the workpiece, and glue the circles from the disk on top.

  6. Glue paper inside the workpiece

  7. Process the workpiece with sandpaper, and cufflinks are ready.

Cufflink controller game console

Cufflink controller game console

For these cufflinks, take:

  • colored polymer clay;

  • 2 silver coins;

  • a hacksaw, a torch and a solder;

  • superglue and printed images of 2 controllers of the same size as you are going to make cufflinks;

  • a jeweler's drill with ultra-thin drills.

  1. Glue onto the coins of the image of the controllers, process the workpieces with a hammer.

  2. work billets with a hammer

  3. Drill holes in the right places, focusing on the images.

  4. Spit the hacksaw with an extra piece of coins.

  5. Spit the hacksaw with an extra piece of coins

  6. Glue small pieces of colored polymer clay to the workpieces in the appropriate places (4 motion buttons).

  7. Glue to workpieces

  8. Solder all construction to the substrate.

  9. Solder all construction to base

Cufflinks in the form of safety glasses for snowboarders

Cufflinks in the form of safety glasses for snowboarders

For them you will need:

  • the basis;

  • hacksaw and pliers;

  • hammer and sandpaper;

  • a burner and solder;

  • wire thickness 1.3 mm;

  • polishing;

  • a small flat piece of brass with a thickness of 1 mm.

  1. Form a pair of pliers piece of wire in the form of glasses for snowboarding, and then weld it together.

  2. solder it together

  3. Slightly bend the hammer and workpiece, and a piece of brass, so that they fit perfectly along the bend.

  4. perfectly matched each other

  5. Solder the wire to the brass.

  6. Trim off the excess brass with a hacksaw and polish the edges and glasses of glasses with sandpaper and polish until they shine.

  7. Solder the entire structure to the top of the base.

Trim off excess brass with a hacksaw

Cufflinks in the shape of a basketball

Cufflinks in the shape of a basketball

For them, take:

  • 2 small copper coins;

  • black lacquer;

  • Scotch;

  • steel paper clips;

  • tool for grinding metal;

  • hammer and burner.

  1. Look at the images of basketballs and bend several clips so that they repeat their lines.

  2. flex a few staples

  3. Place the bent paperclips on the coins, glue it on top with tape and hit them with a hammer until the paperclips push the grooves into the copper.

  4. Put bent paperclips on coins

  5. Using a torch and a hammer, give the coin a slightly curved, convex shape.

  6. Solder to the substrate.

  7. convex form

  8. Process the metal with a grinding tool, and then fill the grooves with black lacquer so that they are more noticeable.

  9. fill the groove-lines with black lacquer

Cufflinks in the form of a bottle of mineral water

Cufflinks in the form of a bottle of mineral water


  • a bolt of 9.5 mm;

  • a printed image of the mineral water label;

  • Super glue;

  • the basis;

  • grinding machine, hacksaw, gas burner and solder.

  1. Process the bolt on the machine so that it resembles a bottle in shape. Saw off excess, shape the "cork".

  2. Saw off excess

  3. Hacksaw the two small lines, which will denote the "border" for the label.

  4. Glue the label with superglue.

  5. Glue the label with superglue.

  6. Solder the "bottles" to the substrate.

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