How to make earrings yourself?Making jewelry with your own hands is a fascinating activity. By making jewelry yourself, you can get exclusive decorations, which will complement the daily or festive outfit, as well as become a wonderful gift for friends and family. Among the popular handmade jewelry - beads, brooches, earrings. How can you make earrings yourself?

To make earrings yourself, you need stock up on necessary materials. Depending on your design, you may need:

  • a variety of beads made of stone, plastic, polymer clay, wood, wool, metal;

  • beads, bugles;

  • silk or satin ribbons, organza ribbons;

  • transparent or colored line;

  • jewelery wire.

Additionally for self-made earrings, you can buy ready-made basics - they will help significantly speed up the work process and give new opportunities to create exclusive jewelry.

Among the necessary materials are required accessories: pins and швензы. Pins - this "carnations", on which you can string beads or beads, thanks to the "cap" beads will be securely fixed. Shvenzami The name of the fastener is to attach the earringsin the ears. Usually, the schwenzy are also called "hooks in the ears," although this type of product also includes studs, rings, loops. Shvenzy pick up in tone to the main color of the future earrings.

Roundogs or pliers - irreplaceable tools when working onthe manufacture of earrings. To make earrings with your own hands, it is best to purchase pliers or round pliers, specially designed for decorating, but you can also use the usual tools from the building store.

How to make earrings with your own hands from beads?

The easiest way to make earrings yourself is make them out of beads. To do this, take 2 decorative beads, large enough, as well as 2 pins (cloves) and 4 hugs (these are decorative "plugs" that cover the holes in the beads).

A lower hugger, a bead and an upper hugger are threaded onto the pin, and then, from the pin with the side cutters or pliers, it is necessary to cut off the excess, leaving about 8 mm. After that the tip of the pin is grasped by round-nosed pliers and folded into a loop (not to the end). The loop is attached to the loop, and then the loop is bent into the ring. Earrings with your own hands of beads ready!

A more difficult way to make earrings yourself It includes not only the use of beads and"Carnations", but also other decorative and auxiliary materials. For example, to make beads of different diameters to make their own hands earrings, additional need for jewelry pins and connecting detachable or all-in-one rings. With the help of jewelry pins can be created from beads chain, and the connecting rings help to adjust the distance between the beads.

As the main decorative elements inearrings made by own hands, can act not only every possible beads. Feathers, pieces of leather and textiles, paper, buttons, lace - all this can serve as an excellent "raw material" for future ornaments. And gorgeous earrings with their own hands are made of plastic (polymer clay), on which a beautiful pattern or pattern is applied.

"Translation" of pictures on plastic - a fairly simple procedure. It is necessary on paper with a laser printer (inkjet does not work) to print out the desired image, and then cut it, leaving the perimeters "allowances." Then, place the paper with the image face down on the prepared plastic face down.

An alcohol must be soaked in a piececotton wool and then, gently pressing the fleece to the paper, moisten the workpiece. Using a ruler or other flat object, you should "translate" the image. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times. When the image was on the plastic, you need the last time to moisten the workpiece with alcohol (remove excess alcohol with a piece of dry cotton wool) and use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove the paper. The image remains on the plastic, and now you can give the final shape and bake it.

How to make earrings yourself?
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