Jewelery with their own hands

Currently, various products of hand-madeare becoming increasingly popular. And this is not surprising, because the unique, unique design and a piece of the soul, invested by the master in its creation, makes each such product truly priceless!

Exclusive ornaments made by own hands,it's nice to wear it yourself and even more pleasantly to give them to family and friends. Today, for making jewelry with their own hands, there are many different materials and adaptations, a huge number of different techniques and techniques.

To make jewelry yourself, you canuse any suitable materials: beads, beads, bugles, fabric, metal, wood, plastic, polymer clay. Also, for the manufacture of jewelry, you will need the accessories (cords, clips, locks, etc.) and various tools.

Depending on what is used for manufacturingcostume jewelery by your own hands, you can apply both crochet techniques, and beading with beads, and macrame techniques, and beading. In one product can combine a variety of techniques, opening up unlimited space for the imagination of the master.

Manufacture of costume jewelery by own hands is good,that for this occupation in every house there is always something suitable. Fans of original extravagant jewelry in their products use, and very successfully (!), Even cork, pins and "lightning."

On the use of polymer clay, also calledpolymer ceramics, Fimo or FIMO should be mentioned separately. This material is surprisingly similar in properties to conventional clay, but after baking in the oven it becomes hard, like a stone. Due to these properties, polymeric clay has found wide application in the manufacture of imitation jewelry with their own hands.

From polymer clay it is possible to make beads of the mostvarious forms, figured inserts in the decorations. Processing clay and give it the right shape can be simply by hand or by using various auxiliary tools, such as toothpicks.

Products made of polymer clay should be baked inoven. Ideally, if the oven has a built-in thermometer that accurately shows the temperature. But in any case, before baking the product, it is better to check the work of the oven on the sampler. Not always the actual baking time and what is indicated in the instructions to the clay, coincide.

Jewelery with their own hands
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