How to know the ring sizeThe ring is one of the most desired gifts forwomen. Although, men can also give different rings or prints. How desirable is a ring that fits perfectly on your finger. Do you know, how to find out ring size?

The size of the ring is the diameter of its hole, measured in millimeters. There are sizes for rings, from 15 to23. There are also so-called "half" sizes - 15.5, 16.5, etc. But before you buy a ring, you must know its size. Knowing the size of your finger, you can safely purchase a ring as a gift or in online stores.

So how do you know the size of your finger? The simplest option is to go to a jewelry store and ask the consultants there to help you in its measurement. Using sample-meters, you can easilyknow the size of the finger. But here there are certain nuances. Determining the size of the finger, you need to make sure that the ring does not press and is not too large. Experts advise choosing the ring size three times a day. This is due to the fact that during the day the finger can swell. Therefore, do not try on the ring in the morning, after playing sports, in too hot or cold weather and during menstruation.

And if there is no time to visit the jewelry store, how to pick up the ring in this case? Even at home you can safely find out the size of your finger. You can use the usual thread for this.

To determine the size of the ring, take a thick thread and wrap it around the finger you need 5 times. Note that the winding should not be tight orhanging from the finger. The ring in fact should not fall or press. Therefore, make sure that the thread does not sag and does not pinch your finger too much. Now cross the end and the beginning of the thread on the finger. At the cross point, cut two threads at once with a pair of manicure scissors. If you are not sure that you can easily cut the threads, mark the place of crossing with the handle. Then remove the thread from the finger and cut off the ends by the marks.

This thread must be measured using a tape measure or ruler. Do not overtighten the thread and do not giveto sag during the measurement. The resulting length should be divided by 15.7. The result is the size of your ring. If you received an incorrect size, you can round it up or down, depending on which ring you choose - narrow or wide.

But how to know the size of a ring, if it is intended as a gift to an expensive man? The easiest way is just to ask. And if you want to make a surprise, then you have to go to some tricks. First, ask for a ring for a while. Naturally, for a very long time no one will give it, but literally 5 minutes will be enough to determine the size of the ring.

Place the ring on paper and circle its inside diameter with a finely sharpened pencil. Then you can measure the diameter of the circle using a caliper.

Another fairly effective option: roll the paper into the tube and stick it through the ring. When the paper is close to the ring, glueher, lest she break up. With this stock, you can safely go to the store and buy a ring. The jeweler will not be difficult to pick up the size of the ring for this workpiece.

Determining the size of a ring is not a very big difficulty. But very often it happens that the ring has becomelarge or small. This is due to the fact that a person losing weight or gaining weight. Naturally, the size of the finger also changes. Do not despair. In a conventional jewelry workshop, with ease and without seams, the ring can be knocked down or increased to the desired size. Changing the size of the ring does not take very long. But if there is engraving on the ring, then it will be spoiled during the resizing process.

As you can see, you can determine the ring size in several ways. Now you can safely buy a ring as a gift or for yourself through an online store. After all, now you know how to know the size of the ring.

How to know the ring size
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