How to clean silver ware?

Silver - a fine noble metal, many beautiful products are made from it. Over time, silverware darkens and must be cleaned periodically.

How to clean silver products at home? There are several proven folk ways.

  1. One of the most common cleaning methodssilver items of high quality - this is put them in a 10% solution of ammonia for one hour. If ammonia is not at hand, it was not possible to prepare a soda solution (30 g of baking soda for 100 g of water), in which for several hours to load products. You can heat this solution to a boil, and clean the most dirty areas with a soft toothbrush - the cleaning process will be significantly accelerated.

  2. Also, high-quality products can be cleaned athelping ammonia, baking soda and toothpaste, mixed up to a mushy state. This mixture should not contain abrasive, scratching particles. Wipe the product from silver with this mass with a soft brush or fingers, without exerting any appreciable effort.

  3. If a silver product contains a lot of copper,then under strong oxidation such an article turns green. Therefore, in the beginning, it is necessary to clean the product from this greens. To do this, take a 10% solution of Trilon B, with its help clean off the green coating, and only then continue to clean the silver by one of the standard methods.

  4. You can clean the silver items with chalk with ammonia, after which they must be washed with water and wipe dry.

  5. For table silver, this methodcleaning: at the bottom of the nonmetallic (!) container you need to put a sheet of aluminum foil, on the foil - silver and pour a hot solution into the container from a tablespoon of soda and a liter of water. Leave it overnight. However, for products made of blackened silver, such cleaning is not suitable, since it removes the blackening.

Important. If your silver product has a delicate openwork weave or many precious stones, then it is best to give the product for professional cleaning in a jewelry shop.

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