Cocktails with liquorA rare New Year party does without alcoholic beverages. But do not get drunk - to create a festive mood, enough a couple of cocktails. The country of the Soviets will tell you how to cook cocktails with liqueur.


What cocktail comes to mind, as soon as you hearthe phrase "cocktails with liquor" 7 We risk to assume that in the vast majority of cases it will be one of the most famous cocktails on the basis of liquor - B-52. To prepare this cocktail you will need:

  • Liqueur Cointreau - 20 ml

  • liqueur Bailey's Irish Cream - 20 ml

  • liqueur Kahlua - 20 ml

Take a cocktail glass and pour liquor into it.Kahlua. Take a bar of spoon and pour Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur over it, it should not mix with the previous liqueur - it should turn out to be two layers.In the same way (in a bar spoon) pour into the glass the third layer of cocktail - Cointreau liqueur. toothpicks or lighters set fire to the top layer of the cocktail. You can not use matches! The hot cocktail is drunk quickly, through a tube.

Mint kiss

An unusual pleasant taste of this cocktail is due to a combination of creamy Irish liqueur Baileys, Mexican coffee liqueur Kalua and mint schnapps. To prepare a cocktail "Mint Kiss" you will need:

  • liqueur Bailey's Irish Cream - 20 ml

  • liqueur Kahlua - 20 ml

  • Schnapps Rumple Minze - 20 ml

  • coffee, whipped cream - to taste

Take the Irish coffee cup. Stir in it the liqueurs of Baileys and Kaloua with mint schnapps. Then pour a cup of coffee to the top and decorate the cocktail with whipped cream.


This frozen cocktail is made from liqueur Rum Cream, very popular in Jamaica. If you do not get it, a worthy replacement will be Irish creamy liqueur Baileys. This cocktail requires the following ingredients:

  • Liqueur Rum Cream or Bailey's Irish Cream - 30 ml

  • coffee liqueur - 30 ml

  • milk - 30 ml

  • Strawberry syrup - 15 ml

  • banana - 0,5 pieces.

  • ice crumb - 1 tbsp.

Pour into the blender both liquor, strawberry syrup and milk. Add ice and a banana. Whisk the shake until smooth. The cocktail "Kolibri" is ready!

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