How to drink "Baileys"Baileys ("Baileys", "Baileys", "Baylis") -famous Irish creamy liqueur, founder of the category of creamy liqueurs. Despite the fact that its history has more than one decade, we still do not know all about the culture of drinking this alcoholic beverage. How to drink Bailey?

"Baileys" is a liqueur with a strength of 17%, made from Irish whiskey triple distillation and Irish cream. It can be flavored with various additives, depending on which are isolated four varieties of liquor:

  • Baileys The Original - standard creamy liqueur without additives

  • Baileys Creme Caramel - a liqueur with the addition of caramel

  • Baileys Mint Chocolate - liqueur with mint and chocolate

  • Baileys Coffee - liqueur with coffee

You can drink "Bailey" as in pure form, and adding cocktails and coffee. Like all liqueurs, "Baileys" is digestive, so they serve it at the end of the meal for better digestion. You can serve liquor by itself, but you can make it an addition to dessert (especially ice cream) or coffee.

In its pure form "Baileys" is served in liqueur wine glasses (small glasses with a volume of 25-50 ml,expanding upwards). It is allowed to add ice to the liqueur (diced or chopped), from above you can sprinkle a drink with grated chocolate or cocoa powder. "Baileys" with ice can be served in thick-walled glasses (old fashion or tumbler): throw three large ice cubes into a glass and pour 50-100 ml of liqueur.

Recently, it has become popular to serve coffee with Baileys liquor instead of cream. This option is quite acceptable at informal events, but it's worth remembering that this liqueur itself is sweet, so you do not need to put sugar in your coffee.

Do you need to eat Baileys, and if so, then what? As mentioned above, this liqueur is often servedto dessert, especially it is combined with ice cream. Another good combination is "Baileys" and tiramisu (or any other coffee-cream dessert). You can also serve marshmallow, light baking (say small croissants), tender curd soufflé, fresh strawberries or bananas to this liqueur. But you can drink "Baileys" and just so, without jamming.

You can drink "Baileys" in the cocktail, however it is very important to know, with which you can mix this liquor, and with what you can not. The fact is that in the manufacture of liquor is notuse preservatives, and the cream does not fold in it due to the correctly selected proportions of components. If you dilute "Baileys" with juice or a carbonated drink, the cream can curdle.

In cocktails, "Baileys" is usually combined with otherliqueurs, strong drinks (whiskey, vodka, rum, schnapps), as well as milk, cream, cold coffee. One of the most famous cocktails with "Baileys" is layered cocktail B-52.

To make this cocktail in a pile for100 ml shots are poured in layers of coffee liqueur (for example, "Kalua"), creamy liquor "Baileys" and orange liqueur "Kalua". Cocktail or drink a volley, or burned and quickly drunk through a straw. Sometimes the components of the liqueur are mixed in a shaker with ice and served in a normal cocktail glass with a straw.

Another famous cocktail with "Baileys" is called "Orgasm". There are many variations of this cocktail. Classic composition - 30 ml of Cointreau liquor, 30 ml of Baileys liquor and 20 ml of Gran Marnier liquor. All the ingredients are mixed, and the cocktail is poured into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. For decoration use a cocktail cherry.

There is one more thing that should be considered when buying a "Bailey": because of the lack of preservatives this liqueur is stored for a short time in an open form, and the less the liquor remains in the bottle, the faster it rumbles. Therefore it is desirable to buy bottles of small capacity.

How to drink "Baileys"
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