Renault Megane Sedan
Renault Megane The sedan is a front-drive five-seat sedan of Class C. The Renault Megan model of the second generation has been produced since 2002.

Modern smooth lines, elegance, nobility and reliability Renault Megane cedan will not leave you indifferent.

The rapid expansion of the front optics, the solid front end and the perfectly fitted forage make this sedan one of the most harmoniously tailored in its class.

Megane embodied Renault's skill in creating comfort and space organization salon.Obladaya largest size in its class, this sedan provides incomparable comfort in the cabin.

Unlike most sedans offered on the market, which have a wheelbase and door sizes the same as the "base" hatchbacks, the MEGANE Sedan base is increased by 61 mm.

Increasing the base significantly increased the degree of comfort for passengers In the back seat, where legroom (230 mm) is now the largest in this segment. Landing in the car is also facilitated due to the significantly enlarged width of the rear doors.


Megane sedan warns of danger on the road thanks to perfect control system: tire pressure sensor, rain sensor(automatic inclusion of windscreen wipers with the first rain drops on the windshield), automatic dipped-beam illumination of xenon headlights with adaptive range of illumination with reduced natural light.

Megane sedan will correct deviations from the specified driving mode with the help of Driving assistance and braking and thus avoidssurprises. ABS anti-lock braking system works in conjunction with electronic brake force distribution system EBV and emergency braking system AFU.

Used all the power brakes for maximum reduction of stopping distance. The system ensures the preservation of the specified trajectory of motion during a sharp braking, including with different grip of the wheels with the road surface.

Megan Sedan will protect everyone who is in the car, thanks to the SRP (Renault Protection System), consisting of adaptive airbags, front seat belts with double pretensioners, and seat belts for the rear seat with pretensioners and force limiters.

Megan Sedan was created according to the same criteria and requirements as Megan Hatchback - the first model in its class that received the highest rating 5 stars on the results of the crash tests Euro NCAP (European Car Assessment Program) is an independent organization.

Renault Megane Sedan


In order to travel to the Megane sedan were comfortable for you, Renault engineers provided a soft, but if necessary, elastic suspension. In the cabin there is an effective heating and air conditioning system, CD player, ergonomic seats and dashboard.

Good visibility provide external and internal mirrors. The rear row can accommodate three passengers, and the luggage compartment is one of the most capacious in its class (520 liters).


Megane sedan is equipped wide range of economical engines with high dynamic characteristics, aggregated with gear boxes of new generation.

16-valve engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters. capacity of 100 hp. - acceleration, fast acceleration and driving pleasure with low fuel consumption.

16-valve engine in volume of 1,6 l. capacity of 110 hp - Optimizes fuel consumption, combining high power level and excellent overclocking dynamics.

16-valve engine capacity of 2.0 liters. capacity of 135 hp in combination with adaptive automatic gearbox with impulse control Proactive - fast acceleration and maximum driving pleasure.

5 and 6-speed manual gearbox. The sixth gear provides an excellent selection of gear ratios in order to further reduce fuel consumption and improve acoustic comfort.

4-speed adaptive automatic transmission with impulse control Proactive: facilitate driving, guaranteeing comfort and convenience.
Thanks to the pulse control mode, you can choose the manual or automatic switching mode.


Rain and light sensor: automatically turns on the headlights, in case of insufficient illumination. In the event of rain, it automatically turns on the windshield wipers. Located on the windshield at the level of the internal rear-view mirror.

Renault remote control card: by pressing the button open or close the doors, the trunk and the fuel tank cap. To start the engine, insert the card into the reader and press the "Start" button.

Parking assistance system: During parking maneuvers, the systemDetects static obstacles behind the car and delivers short beeps, the repetition rate of which increases as you approach the obstacle.

Regulator speed limiter (cruise control): allows you to select a constant speed (controller function) and fix the maximum speed (limiter function).

External Lighting: if necessary, the headlight remains on for 2 minutes after you stepped out of the car to illuminate your path.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: for each wheel. In the case of pressure loss in the tire, the system will signal.

Renault Megane Sedan

Characteristics of Renault Megane Sedan

Total information
ModelRenault Megane Sedane 1.4Renault Megane Sedane 1.6Renault Megane Sedane 2.0Renault Megane Sedane 2.0 dCi
Year of issue2004 ...2004 ...2004 ...2006 ...
Number of doors / seats4/54/54/54/5
The equipped weight, kg11901200 (1250)1275 (1290)---
Gross vehicle weight, kg17401750 (1755)1825 (1840)---
Maximum speed, km / h185193 (194)202 (195)212
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from12.711.1 (13.1)9.4 (11.1)8.7
Minimum turning radius, m5.
Trunk volume min / max, l520520520520
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1518/15141518/15141518/15141518/1514
Ground clearance125125125125
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injectionPetrol with distributed fuel injectionPetrol with distributed fuel injectionDiesel with direct injection of common rail fuel and turbocharged
Location:Front crosswiseFront crosswiseFront crosswiseFront crosswise
Working volume, cc1390159819981995
Compression ratio10.010.09.815.7
Number and arrangement of cylinders4 in a row4 in a row4 in a row4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm79.5 x 70.079.5 x 80.582.7 x 93.084.0 x 90.0
Number of valves16161616
Power hp at rpm98/6000115/6000136/5500150/4000
Maximum torque Nm at rpm127/3750152/4200191/3750320/2000
A typeMechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speed
(Automatic 4-speed)
Mechanical 6-speed
(Automatic 4-speed)
Mechanical 6-speed
Drive unitFront wheelsFront wheelsFront wheelsFront wheels
FrontIndependent type McPherson with anti-roll barIndependent type McPherson with anti-roll barIndependent type McPherson with anti-roll barIndependent type McPherson with anti-roll bar
RearSemi-dependent, spring-loaded, on jointed longitudinal leversSemi-dependent, spring-loaded, on jointed longitudinal leversSemi-dependent, spring-loaded, on jointed longitudinal leversSemi-dependent, spring-loaded, on jointed longitudinal levers
Tire size195/65 R15195/65 R15205/55 R16195/65 R15
FrontDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilated
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle9.18.8 (10.7)10.9 (11.8)6.9
Country Cycle5.45.7 (6.0)6.4 (6.5)4.7
Mixed cycle6.76.8 (7.7)8.0 (8.4)5.5
FuelPetrol A-95Petrol A-95Petrol A-95Diesel
Fuel tank capacity, l60606060

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