Renault Clio III
Renault Clio III - front-drive three- or five-door five-seat hatchback class B. Renault Clio III is the third generation Clio.

The car is produced on a jointly developed with Nissan platform since 2005.


Dynamic silhouette Clio III promises the pleasure of driving. Thanks to the long wheelbase, the very short rear overhang and the "muscular" rear wings, Clio III stands firmly on the wheels.

Front bright design is highlighted large air intake in the lower part of the bumper. The lines of the radiator grille and the central rib on the hood converge to a vertically located branded rhombus.

Hood, windscreen and body pillarsare connected by precise smooth lines. Well-delineated side edge, accentuated by door handles, stretches on the sides to the very rear lights, and short overhangs and wide track even on a standing car, indicate reliability and sustainability.

The contours of the side surfaces of the body converge under the rear window in the form of the letter V, which, together with the streamlined outlines of the rear lights, gives the rear end of the Clio III a complete look.


Clio III gives its passengers an exceptionally large inner space for a car length of 3.99 m. In the new segment leader everything is done to create comfort. Salon flooded with light, which enhances the feeling of space, amazing for a car of this category.

Thanks to an ideal fit in the driver's seat and a convenient arrangement of controls, it's nice and easy to drive this car.

On the back ground Clio III, thanks to the considerable height of the cabin and more than enough space at the level of the knees, people can comfortably accommodate people whose growth exceeds 1.88 m.


A wide range of engines and gearboxes facilitates the most complete use of the dynamic qualities of Clio III. When the model is launched, the line of petrol engines will be represented by three 16 valve engines:

  • 1,2 l 16 cells. 75 liters. from. (55 kW)

  • 1.4 l 16 cl. 100 liters. from. (72 kW)

  • 1.6 liters 16 cl. 110 liters. from. (82 kW)

In early 2007, the engine came in 1.2 liters 16 cl. 80 liters. from. (57 kW) with a robotic gearbox.


Use the potential of Clio III engines to the fullest extent possible three types of gearboxes: mechanical 5-speed, robotic and automatic.

Mechanical 5-speed gearbox, can be aggregated with engines 1.2 liters 16 cl. 75 liters. from. (55 kW) and 1.4 l of 16 cl. 100 liters. from. (72 kW)

Robotic gearbox with shift paddles in the form of petals in combination with the engine 1.2 liters 16 cl. has been delivered since the beginning of 2007.

The automatic adaptive 4-speed gearbox is available for versions with a 1.6 liter 16 cl engine.

Stability on the road

Clio III is an unparalleled trade-off between pleasure from driving and fuel consumption. Built on the platform of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Clio III was created for the road. The concept of the undercarriage is borrowed from Megane II.

At the heart of the road qualities of the new model - natural balanceachieved by combining a longwheelbase, wide gauge and low center of gravity of the car. Driving this predictable on the road and dynamic car will bring an extraordinary pleasure.

Due to the special thoroughness of aerodynamics, Clio III has the same fuel consumption (and in the urban cycle even lower) and almost the same dynamic qualities as the Clio II.

With any Clio III engine low fuel consumption in the urban cycle.

Acoustic comfort can greatly enhance the enjoyment ofdriving and ride comfort, so it has been the subject of careful design from the earliest stages of the project. As a result, Clio III became the best car in its segment in this indicator.

Renault Clio III


Call Clio III - provide comfort of passengers. By total capacity of Clio III is comparable withcars of higher class. The width of the cabin at the shoulder level in the front seats is 1380 mm (28 mm larger than that of the Clio II) and 1343 mm in the rear seats.

Added a lot of free space above your headdriver and passengers, which seems surprising considering the external compactness of the car. On the back ground Clio III, thanks to the considerable height of the cabin and more than enough space at the level of the knees, can comfortably accommodate people whose growth exceeds 1.88 m.

Thanks to the large volume (288 liters) of luggageThe office provides ample opportunities for luggage. For more space, the rear seat is folded in whole or in parts 1 / 3-2 / 3 (depending on the equipment).


Numerous functions are provided to ensure comfort and pleasure from the trip:

  • Sensors of illumination and rain: located on the windshield in front of the internal rear-view mirror, provide automatic headlamps with reduced ambient light and windshield wipers at the beginning of the rain.

  • Audio system 2x15 or 4 x15W radio / CD with the ability to play MP3 files or without it and steering on the steering wheel

  • Air conditioning with manual control with temperature switches, air distribution and air supply.

  • Automatic climate control: electronic regulation and display of the temperature and the amount of air supplied.

  • Glovebox with cooling (if air conditioner is available).

  • Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimitercontrols on the steering wheel: allows you to select a constant speed (regulator function) or limit the maximum speed (limiter function).

  • Heated front seats

Acoustic characteristics

Clio III - leader in its segment on acoustic characteristics. When developing the body of the car, very thorough work was done to eliminate the noise produced by the engine and gearbox, and also transmitted through the chassis.

Sound insulation between the engine and the interior has becomethe subject of serious work, as well as the reduction of aerodynamic noise, which, among other things, dropped due to the installation of inflating inserts in the hidden cavities of the body.


Active security was one of Renault's three priorities in the development of Clio III, along with design and capacity. Clio III is a stable and easy to drive car.

Adjusting the mass and the running gear provides him with excellent course stability, low sensitivity to the type of road, side wind, braking or acceleration.

Fog lights: improve visibility in rain and fog.
Additional turn lighting lamps: the angle of illumination in the turn is improved (for speeds below 60 km / h, depending on the angle of the steering wheel).

Before 6 airbags: 2 adaptive front airbagsdriver and front passenger, the volume of filling which depends on the force of the collision, 2 front side airbags and 2 front and rear inflatable curtains.

Reinforced body structure with zones of programmable deformation of steel with an ultra-high elastic limit, which absorb more energy upon impact.

Each of the 5 seats is equipped with three-point seat belt with the pretensioner and the force limiter onfront seats and lateral rear seats. The new generation of headrests in the front seats and the headrests are of a female type in the rear seats, with height adjustment for more reliable protection.

Interlocking the front passenger's airbags with the warning light on the instrument panel for complete safety of the child seat in the front passenger seat.

The intensity of deceleration and resistance to heating of the brake system provide the Clio III braking distance at the level of the best performance in the segment.

On the Clio III serially or as an option (inDepending on the configuration), the latest generation Bosch 8.0 ABS system with electronic brake force distribution (EBV) and emergency brake system (AFU) is installed. In the case of sudden braking, an alarm is automatically activated.

Renault Clio III

Technical specifications Renault Clio 3

Total information
ModelRenault Clio 1.2Renault Clio 1.2 TurboRenault Clio 1.6 16V
Year of issue2009 ...2009 ...2009 ...
Number of doors / seats5/55/55/5
The equipped weight, kg109011001140 (1190)
Gross vehicle weight, kg---15701630
Maximum speed, km / h167183190 (186)
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from13.411.010.2 (12.2)
Minimum turning radius, m5.25.45.4
Trunk volume min / max, l288/1038288/1038288/1038
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1470/14701470/14701470/1470
Ground clearance120120120
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injectionPetrol with distributed fuel injection and turbochargingPetrol with distributed fuel injection
Location:Front crosswiseFront crosswiseFront crosswise
Working volume, cc114911491598
Compression ratio9.89.59.8
Number and arrangement of cylinders4 in a row4 in a row4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm69.0 x 76.869.0 x 76.879.5 x 80.5
Number of valves161616
Power hp at rpm75/5500100/5500111/6000
Maximum torque Nm at rpm105/4250145/3000151/4250
A typeMechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speed
(Automatic 4-speed)
Drive unitFront wheelsFront wheelsFront wheels
FrontIndependent, such as McPherson, with a stabilizer barIndependent, such as McPherson, with a stabilizer barIndependent, such as McPherson, with a stabilizer bar
RearSemi-dependent, spring-loaded with connected leversSemi-dependent, spring-loaded with connected leversSemi-dependent, spring-loaded with connected levers
Tire size165/65 R15185/60 R15195/50 R16
FrontDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilated
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle7.67.48.8 (10.0)
Country Cycle4.94.85.4 (6.1)
Mixed cycle5.95.86.6 (7.5)
FuelPetrol A-95Petrol A-95Petrol A-95
Fuel tank capacity, l555555

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