Renault Sandero
Discover a spacious and comfortable lounge Renault Sandero, in which 5 adults can be accommodated freely. In this case, the rear seats are folded in order to increase the space for the load.

Gamma of engines Renault, which is installed on Sandero cars, meets the highest standards of safety for driving safety.

New concept

Renault Sandero - car "B" class with a body hatchback. Sandero is built on the Logan platform, but it has several fundamental differences. First of all, design.

If the Logan image is associated with strength and practicality, then Sandero already affects the aesthetic strings in perception. Really, expressive silhouette attracts attention, beautiful optics, smooth flowing lines.

As for practicality, here in contrast to the sedan you have a new trump card. Body hatchback allows you to transport bulky items, as if turning into a station wagon if necessary.

The wide luggage space and the absence of a partition between the luggage compartment and the salon allow you to transport a TV, a refrigerator and even a bath. But the Sandero is more compact than the Logan sedan and the Logan MCV.

We can safely say that hatchbacks combine a lot of advantages: maneuverability, economy, practicality and beauty.


Renault Sandero comes with two kinds of gasoline engines. These are tested and perfected units, which have earned a reputation of extremely reliable, easy-to-maintain and at the same time possessing very worthy characteristics.

  • Engine 1.6 liters., 8 valves, 90 hp. at 5500 rpm, 128 Nm at 3000 rpm.

  • Engine 1.4 liters., 8 valves, 75 hp. at 5500 rpm, 112 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Both engines are aggregated with 5-speed manual transmission. This transmission is also characterized by reliabledesign, perfectly matched gear ratios and well-coordinated work of synchronizers, which is immediately noted by experienced drivers, a little taut, but with the clear inclusion of gears, and most importantly, the details of this gearbox are designed for long and long years of trouble-free operation.


In a car like the Renault Sandero there is no place for elements of beauty just for the sake of beauty. This is not a toy, but practical car, capable of bringing pleasure and benefit.

His beauty is like beauty from nature. Large beautiful headlamp blocks - a large area of ​​reflection and light scattering, lighting efficiency. The dropping lines of the body are aerodynamics and the calculated direction of water and mud flows.

The rear lights are as wide as possible. Now the width at the bottom of the loading aperture is larger, and the dimensions of the car in the dark are better viewed.

Renault Sandero

Expressive form front and rear optics attached to a new modelabsolutely modern and attractive appearance. The radiator grille, perfectly integrated in the body, further enhances the sense of dynamism and attractiveness of the car.


Of course, it's nice when the cabin is cool,music and seats are moderately soft. However, driving pleasure for Renault engineers is also an opportunity to effectively brake, after a sharp acceleration, and the steering should allow to maintain stability on bends. Then, the driver feels more confident, and management turns into a real drive.

The new Sandero is equipped with everything necessary to ride on any road surface. The car is equipped with a special pallet (155 mm), which allows you to go on any type of road, both urban and rural.

Also under the body is installed protection, which allows you to safely go on the road. Sandero uses the well-proven Logan platform.


Renault Sandero can be equipped four airbags. Two front and two side cushions for front passengers. The latter have a significant advantage over conventional side cushions.

With a side impact in the body of the car, the side cushions protect the trunk and heads of passengers, thanks to a special extended form. Thus, it also serves as a pillow pillow.

It is worth noting the suspension of Renault Sandero. Suspension elastic, but at the same time long-traveled. It is very difficult to "break through" even if Sandero is fully loaded. All the details of the running gear are large and strong, designed for constant loads for many years.

Of course, every car requires timely and quality service, but still, it is gratifying to realize that Sandero is laid endurance reserve still at the design stage.

High braking efficiency, wear resistance of knots and parts of the steering mechanism, scientifically justified selectivity in the selection of alloys for certain details, heat-resistant important plastic and rubber parts.

Renault Sandero

Performance specification Renault Sandero

Total information
ModelRenault Sandero 1.4Renault Sandero 1.6
Year of issue2007 ...2007 ...
Number of doors / seats5/55/5
The equipped weight, kg975980
Gross vehicle weight, kg14701470
Maximum speed, km / h161174
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from13.011.5
Minimum turning radius, m------
Trunk volume min / max, l320/1200320/1200
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1480/14691480/1469
Ground clearance------
A typePetrol with distributed fuel injectionPetrol with distributed fuel injection
Location:Front crosswiseFront crosswise
Working volume, cc13901598
Compression ratio------
Number and arrangement of cylinders4 in a row4 in a row
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm79.5 x 70.079.5 x 80.5
Number of valves88
Power hp at rpm75/550090/5500
Maximum torque Nm at rpm112/3000128/3000
A typeMechanical 5-speedMechanical 5-speed
Drive unitFront wheelsFront wheels
FrontIndependent, such as McPhersonIndependent, such as McPherson
RearSemi-dependent springSemi-dependent spring
Tire size165/80 R14; 185/65 R15165/80 R14; 185/65 R15
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle9.610.0
Country Cycle5.45.6
Mixed cycle7.07.2
FuelPetrol A-95Petrol A-95
Fuel tank capacity, l5050

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