Autobiography at the time of hiringSome employers include an autobiography in the list of documents required for employment. What is autobiography in hiring? How to write an autobiography?

Autobiography is a summary of the key events in your life (mainly related to professional activities). Usually in the autobiography the following information is listed:

  • Full name (full), date and place of birth, address of the current place of residence;

  • information about the main (school, university) and additional (courses, trainings, seminars) education: years of study, place of education, received specialty;

  • work experience in chronological order (years of admission and dismissal, name of organization, position held, functional duties);

  • other information on professional activities: awards, promotions, bonuses, change of functional duties or specialties;

  • marital status, information about the next of kin (parents, spouse, children);

  • attitudes toward military service (for men), periods of maternity leave (for women);

  • Contact Information.

If you had to change the surname, this fact should also be reflected in the autobiography, indicating the previous surname, date and circumstances of its change.

It can be noted that The autobiography partially outlines the information that has already been outlined in the summary. What then is the sense of writing an autobiography when applying for a job? Why does not the employer have enough resume?

There are several reasons for this. At first, in the autobiography, the data are presented in more detail: you have the opportunity to inform the employerinformation that you could not include in your resume. For example, the CV often does not specify work places that do not relate directly to the vacancy you are applying for, and in the autobiography you can cover all your work experience.

Secondly, The autobiography is a kind of check of the candidate for honesty: if some information in the autobiography diverges from the resume, it is an occasion for the employer to doubt the candidacy.

Thirdly, autobiography is usually written by hand, therefore the employer has the opportunity to assessliteracy, accuracy, the ability to choose the right information and laconically to state them without compromising the meaning of the text, style of presentation, manner of presenting information and some other qualities of the applicant. When writing a resume, you are saved by the Internet and automatic spell check; when writing an autobiography, you have to rely on yourself.

How to write an autobiography? Usually an autobiography when applying for a jobis formed in an arbitrary form on an A4 sheet or a special form (some organizations offer forms with a list of questions to facilitate the writing of an autobiography, but this is more an exception than a rule). As already mentioned, usually an autobiography is written by hand.

The text of the autobiography needs to be stated in the narrative form of the first person. In this case, events are presented in strictly chronological order (another difference of the autobiography from the CV: in the resume, jobs are usually listed in the reverse order, from the last to the first).

Usually the autobiography begins as follows: "I, the full name, was born ...". Presenting information is best based on The plan given at the beginning of this article, unless you are given any specific instructions regarding the writing of an autobiography. Finish the autobiography with the date of writing (left) and the caption (right).

If you were asked to write an autobiography, do not worry and rush: remember what is written with a pen, you can not cut it outwith an ax. Writing a document by hand requires special care and accuracy. Therefore, first think carefully about what and how you want to write, and only then proceed directly to the compilation of the document.

Sometimes it is autobiography that helps the employer make a final decision on who will get the vacancy. Therefore, you do not need to write an autobiographyto treat negligently. Correctly written autobiography will help you to present yourself in the most favorable light. But the reverse is also true: an autobiography, written somehow, with a lot of corrections, grammatical and stylistic errors, is unlikely to help you get a desired job.

Autobiography at the time of hiring
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