Teacher Resume: Features and NuancesWith the search for work, people of different professions, including teachers, have to face. A good job is hard to find without a well-written resume. What should be resume teacher?

Of course, the teacher's resume shouldcontain all the same building blocks as any other summary: purpose, qualifications, education, work experience, if necessary, additional information and, of course, contact details. But the teacher's work has its own specificity, which is reflected in the teacher's resume.

So, in the column "Education", of course, should be specified institution in which you received a secondary or higher education in teaching. In principle, the diplomas of non-pedagogical universities alsocan give the right to work as a teacher of core subjects, but in practice not in any school with such a diploma will be recruited. In this case, they can also demand that they complete the refresher courses or, in parallel with the work, obtain a higher pedagogical education.

In addition to the actual educational institution, in the teacher's resume it is necessary to indicate your specializationbecause the primary school teacher anda subject teacher with the right to teach in the middle and senior classes - these are two completely different specializations. Also indicate in the section "Education" courses if you graduated from them: advanced training courses, computer courses, internships, etc.

Also in the teacher's resume must be specified category and category. Ranks 7 to 11 are assigned toeducation and experience, and the requirements for seniority are higher for teachers with secondary vocational education. At the end of the average pedagogical educational institution, for example, the 7th category is assigned, and the higher one - 8.

If desired, the teacher can pass the certification for the category. There are three categories of teachers: the second, the first and the highest (12-14 digits). When assigning a category, education, length of service, as well as professional skills and successes and results of the qualification exam are taken into account. The decision on the assignment of a category is made by a certification commission.

Be sure to include in your resume a teacher grade and category (if you have one): this will affect not only the decision to take you to work, but also on your wages, when you will be received.

In the section "Work experience" It is necessary not only to list educational institutions,which you worked in the reverse chronological order, but also your functional duties. The work of the teacher is not only in conducting lessons. Teachers' duties can include classroom management, conducting extra-curricular activities, organizing leisure activities for schoolchildren, and scientific and methodical work.

What else do you need to indicate in the teacher's resume? Be sure to list all your professional achievements. These can be victories in professional competitions, titles, awards, certificates of honor and diplomas, publications in profile editions.

Perhaps you have the experience of conducting lessons oninnovative pedagogical programs or the independent development of original teaching methods, writing methodological and teaching aids. Also indicate achievements of your students (winning in olympiads, contests, etc.), because in many respects their achievements are your achievements too.

Another thing to include in the teacher's resume information on the knowledge of foreign languages, regardless of the subject you are teaching. Also indicate level of computer skills This will be a serious plus, especially in the light ofThe fact that schools actively introduce electronic journals and multimedia teaching technologies. It is also worth mentioning the skills of owning technological training aids (projectors, multimedia boards, etc.), if, of course, you have them.

Point out in the teacher's resume and personal qualities. For the teacher, responsibility is important,punctuality, attentiveness, sociability, and also readiness to constantly improve, learn and improve their qualifications. Some teachers indicate in the resume love of children, but this is a self-evident quality.

To compile a teacher's resume is not more difficult than any other resume. The main thing is to remember the specifics of your profession, then your resume will certainly be of interest to the potential employer.

Teacher Resume: Features and Nuances
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