Is freelancing suitable for you?
Until recently, only a few knew what freelancing was and what it was eaten with. In the modern world, freelancing is becoming increasingly popular. How to find out, Is it suitable for you freelancing?

Freelance is usually called work withoutconclusion of a long-term contract with the employer. Freelance is a one-time job, a freelancer or a remote job (remote). The very word freelance came from English Freelance: "Free" - free, "lance" - a spear. At first, this term Walter Scott denoted a medieval hired warrior (free spearman) in his work "Ivanhoe".

Freelancers, that is, people engaged in freelancing - this, inmostly people of creative professions, programmers or web designers. But there are experts in the field of consulting or jurisprudence who also prefer to live on free breads. Although a man whose profession requires you to stand at the bench all day, you probably will not be able to become a freelancer.

Typically, freelance orders are found on the Internet, onSpecial websites, newspaper ads or personal connections. It is profitable for an employer to hire a freelancer for a particular job: there is no need to equip an additional workplace, there is no need to pay a fixed salary.

What are the pros and cons of freelancing?

For the freelancer itself, this work is convenient that he does not need to sit all day inoffice, especially if the actual business, which he is engaged in, can be accomplished in a few hours. The remaining "extra" time freelancer can devote to the implementation of another project, while when working in the office it is impossible.

Freelancer wins also due to the fact that he himself plans his activities. Only he decides when to work - when not, whether to take on an order.

Freelancer himself and the director, and subordinate, and his income may even exceed the income of specialists of the same level, sitting on the "salary".

Freelancer no problems with transport - He does not need to get to a certain place every day during rush hour, when all minibuses, trolley buses and buses are full to capacity.
Freelancer is responsible for their own and only for their actions. He performs only the duties and scope of work stipulated with the customer, he should not "rake" other people's "obstructions" or substitute ill colleagues.

And, finally, freelance opens up wide opportunities for international cooperation. You can take orders from the near and far abroad, getting money for work that is quite good by our standards.

But in each barrel of honey - its own fly in the ointment. There are also disadvantages in the freelance movement.

At first, freelancer always takes risks - there are no guarantees that the customer will pay for the work performed in full. And although there are so-called "black" lists of such customers, it is not difficult to "throw" a novice freelancer.

Secondly, all costs are born by the freelancer himself: if you need to go to the customer to the other end of the city - the payment falls on his shoulders.

Thirdly, freelancer income is unstable. After all, there is not always an opportunity to find a suitable offer. It is possible to get a good income in one month, but at the same time to sit for 3 months without orders at all.

And, fourthly, freelancer does not have any social security. He does not have paid holidays and holidays. Every "absenteeism" affects his wallet. And if the freelancer works "without labor", then he may have problems with taxes. Therefore, freelancers need to issue the appropriate documents to the tax inspectorate.

Another disadvantage of freelancing is inability to accept large orders. After all, it is very difficult to organize a team work for such projects freelancers.

Which of these can be inferred?

To become a freelancer, you need to have a number of qualities. You need to be able to organize yourself, havescale vision, be able to solve financial and organizational issues of project implementation. Not the least role for the freelancer is played by his ability to establish business contacts, his communication skills. Freelancer will also come in handy with strong nerves, because the instability of this kind of employment makes it difficult to build long-term plans.</ p>

Is freelancing suitable for you?
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