Child development in 8 monthsSo the seventh month of your little girl's life passed. During this time, the kid has learned a lot. Now it's time for new discoveries and knowledge that await your child. The country of the Soviets will tell you how the child development in 8 months.

The child's organism is prepared in 8 months to begin walking as adults. But in order to learn this, first the baby should start crawling. Crawling on all fours is an importantan intermediate stage between sitting and walking. When the baby crawls on all fours, all the muscles of the body are exercising. But children begin to crawl all in different ways. Some crawl on the stomach or ass, others - forward with their feet. Do not worry, because the kid himself feels his strength and knows what he can do. But you can always push your child to the right crawl. To put the baby on the handles and legs, you can put the crumb in the tub on your tummy. Then start to draw water. Water will lift the baby so that he will stand in the right position for us. But be careful that the child does not get scared of the water or choke.

Many children at 8 months can independently climb and walk near the stops. Many parents, seeing such achievements of the baby,decide to put the child in a walker. This is a great invention for parents, but not for children. The child learns to walk too early, and yet his bones and muscles are not yet ready for this. As a result, you can get so many different health problems for your child. If you want to use a walker, limit the child's stay in them up to an hour and a half per day.

In emotional terms, the development of the child at 8 months is very much progressing. The baby begins to feel the fear of being abandoned by the mother, he is mistrustful of strangers. Many people might think that this is starting to regress emotionally. But in this case everything is exactly the opposite.

At 8 months old the baby starts to babble more and more. Parents can pay attention to their the child now gives preference to consonant sounds, building them in a complex series. In this vowel sounds, characteristic of two or three month old children, disappear from the speech of the baby. Also pay attention to the fact that the child has a certain sound series, which he uses most.

Also the kid can already understand the requests of adults and fulfill them. Simple requests, such as giving a pen,tilt his head, betray the toy, the kid is doing fine. But the special pleasure for the kid is delivered by various games with parents and nursery rhymes, in which it is necessary to do certain movements: waving their hands, shaking their heads, stamping their feet, clapping their hands.

Have classes with your child 8 months every day. You can play various educational games. Lay out before the baby his toys with simplenames. During the game, from time to time, name the toy, so that the toddler memorizes it. You can also cut out bright pictures from the magazine and paste them on sheets of paper. Make a kind of little book that you will "read" to the kid. Look at the pictures together, name the objects.

Will be useful and other games with a child of 8 months, which are aimed at physical development of the baby. If you have a Swedish wall at home, givebaby hang on the rings. Pay attention to how the thumb is located: it should be on the bottom of the crossbar. Follow the forces of the baby, as soon as he is tired, immediately pick it up.

Toys for a child of 8 months can be very different, but they should be suitable for your child's age. Until now, the kid likes to play with hisold toys, but now he has the realization that objects can be used as tools. So, the kid can take a cube in each pen and strike them with force one against another. Also let the kid play with the ball. The kid will like that there are no corners in it, like on cubes.

Another child is attracted to toys that need to be put in one another or choose the right and suitable dimensions. By the way, at this age the child understands that a toy that he does not see has not disappeared forever. Therefore, you can safely play hide-and-seek with a child. The kid will not be very worried about the fact that you can not be seen. And your appearance will be for him a welcome discovery.

Child development in 8 months
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