Child development 11 monthsAt 11 months, children are overwhelmed by extremeCuriosity to explore new subjects, territories and activities. New communication skills develop both with parents and with other children. Also the kid can improve the skills that he has already received for a long time. As you can see, child development 11 months Do not stand still.

Young parents may notice that the 11-month-old child's day begins to change. The kid now does not sleep 2-3 times a day. The child devotes more and more time to active games and wakefulness. Even at this age, parents can begin to teach the baby to that regime of the day, which will be similar to kindergarten. This means that the baby needs to get up at 8 in the morning, and go to bed at 8 pm. Lunch will be in 12 days, and dinner at 6 pm. Daytime sleep - from one to three days. If you start already correctly to form a new regime of the day for your child, later, when he goes to kindergarten and school, it will be much easier for him to restructure.

At 11 months old the child is already has its own vocabulary, which consists of several words that are understandableparents. The kid assigns certain words to the objects he uses most. Pointing at an object, a child can call it. Also the toddler calls actions defined by words, for example, "buy" or "give". Parents already understand what the child wants to tell them. Also in the vocabulary of the baby there are a few babbling words that are also understandable to parents in a particular situation. Despite the fact that the baby can not normally pronounce the words, he already has a passive speech reserve. So, he understands what you ask of him, so he will gladly fulfill your requests. In addition, the child is already mastering the nod and shaking his head in agreement or denial.

When you talk with your child, trycall things by their own names, so as not to create confusion in the head of the baby. Also, do not use diminutive suffixes, since it will be much harder for a child to learn a longer word. And to help the child learn the name of the subject, call him several times, explain why he needs it.

But this is not all that the child knows 11 months. Baby can very quickly crawl, some children also stand on their own. A child can walk only with the help of parents, when they support the baby. Independently, the baby will begin to walk only after a year. True, children in 11 months are already taking their first independent steps.

All children develop differently, so some can actively add vocabulary. At the same time, children can stop walking. This is because the child can not focus immediately on improving two actions at once, so physical development can stop. Also with children who start walking faster, because they will talk later. If your child does not try to walk and can not sit with his legs stretched, you should consult an orthopedic doctor. Perhaps the baby is underdeveloped muscles.

Games with the child of 11 months become more similar to the activity of adults. The kid really likes to copy what mom does. At the same time, he can repeat one and the other for a long timethe same movement, honing it to perfection. Now you can teach the baby to help you in everyday affairs: let the baby rinse the spoons in a saucepan, he throws the wrapper in a trash can, combs it. Be sure to praise your baby for his success. All the actions you approve of the kid is committed to commit again and again to get a praise from you.

Social development of the child 11 months is also very important. It's time to choose new friends. If earlier your baby could only watchother children, now it's time to introduce him to his peers so that they learn to play together. In this case, try not to interfere in the games of children, but do not leave them without your supervision. For a long time children can not play together, but during this time you can relax a little and chat with mothers on the court. And do not scold the child for not wanting to share his toy with another baby. Until the age of three, the child perceives the toy as a continuation of himself, so he simply does not understand how one can give it to another person. Therefore, moralizing that it is necessary to share, and not be greedy, leave for later. And now just see how your baby grows, begins to take the first independent steps and learns to speak new words.

Child development 11 months
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