How to teach a child to write without errors?

The ability to clearly and correctly express your thoughts isimportant. From the moment the child begins to write his first letters in the formulations, the school and parents try to teach him to write correctly, without errors. But someone succeeds in elaborating complex verbal turns, and it is difficult for someone to write even the most common words without errors. How can I teach a child to write without errors?

You can often hear about the concept of "natural literacy". But literacy - this is not something that can be inherited, with which you can either be born or not. Literacy is a skill and it takes a lot of effort to acquire this skill.

Parents and the correctness of their speech playan important role in how their child will write in the future. After all, the foundation of the child's literacy is laid along with the development of his speech. Therefore, if the house is used to speak "surzhik", words are distorted, and reading books is not in high esteem, is it possible to hope that the child will write without errors?

By the way, The book is an important assistant for mastering the spelling skill. The child meets many times writtenin the book the word and remembers it - the visual memory works. Later, when the same word will have to be written in the dictation or in the composition, the child will easily reproduce it. After all, no one thinks how to correctly spell the word "water", "bread". We use these words daily in our speech, see them on product labels or on billboards. Even the first-grader knows that milk is still "milk", not "malaco" or "molako", because he saw this inscription on a packet of milk hundreds of times.

In any language there is a whole series of words, the writing of which does not obey the general rules. You just need to know these words. Therefore, the child should often offer literature in which such words are found.

If the child dictates well, it is correct, but when copying the text here and there makes mistakes - most likely, Inattention is to blame. This may mean that the child has somethingdistracts during writing, prevents him from concentrating. Therefore, when a child prepares homework, parents should provide him with the most comfortable and quiet conditions for classes. And, therefore, no TVs, computers, noisy games!

To develop mindfulness and vigilance the child will be helped by special educational games. You can offer the child a small text, in which he will need to emphasize, for example, all the letters "A". Then the task becomes more complicated: it is necessary to emphasize not one but several letters. Thus, the child learns to read the text more carefully.

A child who makes mistakes when deciphering words from a board or from a book can be advised whisper. After all, then the auditory memory is included in the work, which will help the child remember how to spell the right word.

How to teach a child to write well dictation? Practice, practice and practice again! A few paragraphs from your favorite book, a good magazine, dictation from a special collection - this will help the student to practice writing dictations. In addition, often the cause of errors in the dictation is fear. Constant "training" will save the child from this fear.

How to teach a child to write without errors?
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