How to choose a book for a child?
Choosing the first books it is always important to take into account his age and pay attention to the quality of the work and the semantic content of the book.

To instill a love of reading, you can to begin already from the first months of life the kid. When the child has already learned how to grab things (four months), he can buy special educational books. These books are made from an oilcloth, from a fabric, with various inserts (relief inserts, pishchalki). Such books help the kid to feel the picture in the book, try it.

For older children, somewhere with half a year You can buy books, sheets of which are made fromdense cardboard, so that the child does not tear them or crack them. At this age, the baby is most interested in large pictures, so books should be chosen with large illustrations and a minimum of text. And although the kid at this age does not yet understand your speech, reading short rhyme rhymes and rhymes will do him good. For children age 2-3 years too, the main role is played by pictures with a minimum of text. Well, if the pictures in the books are not very small and detailed.

FROM 3-4 years children are already interested in books about nature and animals,fairy tales. Again, such books should be with good illustrations. The binding of books for children of this age should be gentle, so that the child can comfortably hold the book in his hands and turn over the pages. The need to know as much as possible about the world around us begins to be actively manifested in 4-5 years. For this age, the child can already buy children's encyclopedias, in which there are brief and understandable child answers to his questions. Also perfect are books or games-coloring books.

When choosing a book for a child, it is also important its size. Too little books can be harmfuleyesight of the child, and too large, which is difficult to grasp the view, read uncomfortable. The paper on which the book is printed should be white, but not glossy, otherwise it will give glare and damage the health of children's eyes. Gray or beige paper is also not very useful for children's vision.

Children You can not buy books with small print. Even before learning how to read, the children look at the text and look for familiar letters in it. Therefore, the font should be large, clear, contrast, so that it would be more convenient for a child to consider it.

For young children, you should not choose books consisting of many tales or stories. It is enough to there was a fairy tale in one book. When the baby is older, you can buy him collections of 3-5 tales or stories.

Illustrations in books for children play an important role. By illustrations the child forms his own idea of ​​the surrounding world, objects and phenomena. Therefore, images in books should not violate this view. It is best to choose books with pictures of calm tones.

Good, quality books are worth a lot. But this is exactly the case when excessive economy is not good. However, too expensive books, too, it is better not to buy, because a child can tear a book, dirty it, pour it.

When buying a book for a child, remember thatthe child will use it, so it is important to take his interests into account. Do not force the child to read, otherwise he may permanently lose interest in this wonderful lesson.

How to choose a book for a child?
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