Development of the child from the first days of lifeFrom the first days of life, the child begins to learnthis world. He studies the new situation for himself, tries the objects to taste, listens to the voices of his parents. In the first year of his life the child receives up to 70% of knowledge. Therefore, it is important not to miss this time and develop the child literally from birth.

Development of the child's vision. When a child is born, he is not yet very goodcan control the movements of his eyes. Only starting from the fifth week of life, the child can already distinguish the shape of objects. But the newborn perfectly distinguishes contrasting colors. Choose your crumb bright, contrasting subjects for study, toys. Let these objects be in contrasting stripe or polka dots.

Development of the child's hearing. The hearing of the newborn can be developed with the help ofrattles. Rattle can be hung over the baby's crib at a distance of 20-30 cm so that the child can reach the toy. Let the rattle be bright. Another wonderful device for the development of the child's hearing is a clockwork carousel. Such a merry-go-round rotates, playing some pleasant melody. Do not worry if the child does not focus on the rattle or carousel for more than a few seconds. Children at this age are still difficult to concentrate their attention.

Hummock the melodies, play them onmusical instruments or put a kid a disc with music. Above all, remember that music should be calm, melodic, relaxing. Rock'n'Roll for the newborn is not the most successful option.

Development of touch. To develop a sense of touch in a child, give himItems from different fabrics that differ by touch. Children's toys should be of different shapes. Do not chase the number of toys, pursue the quality. In the first weeks and months of a child's life it is still too early for him to give toys with many small details. Such details can easily get into the child's airways, because children like to try "for a tooth".

Development of the speech of the child. A huge role in the development of the child's speech is played by hiscommunication with parents, and with both. When you bathe or swaddle a child, talk to him. Speak calmly, affectionately, change the intonation and loudness of the voice, depending on what you tell. Often call a child by name. Help the development of the child all sorts of nursery rhymes, short funny songs.

When the child learns to hold the head, you can show him the objects and say what they are called. Show where the various items are: a cot, a closet, a wall, a ceiling, etc.

Trying to start development as soon as possiblechild, the main thing is not to overdo it. Do not overload the child with new knowledge, it can harm his emerging nervous system and further development.

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