Child development in 3 yearsThree years is a very important milestone in the life of the child,because it is to three years he has a clear awareness of his own "I" (you can determine this by the fact that the child begins to properly use personal pronouns). It is very important for parents to know what a normal child development in 3 years.

Let's start with cognitive development. Three-year-olds are free toflat geometric figures, with some help from adults - volumetric geometric figures and their properties, the main colors of the spectrum and their shades (in practical comparison), achromatic colors.

A child of three years uses in games with objectsand daily life of tools, constructs simple figures from cubes (independently), as well as crafts made of paper and natural materials (with the help of an adult). With high interest, the child is capable of concentrate on gaming tasks for 20-25 minutes, without being distracted.

Creative development of a child in 3 years also does not stand still. The child begins to show interest in various types of visual activity: drawing, applique, modeling. Also the child's interest in music and singing increases: he listens with good music to good music and responds emotionally to it, begins to sing, transmits melody and rhythmic pattern, masters simple dance movements and plays with pleasure in musical story-role games.

At three years the child is already quite well developed basic movements. He walks well, runs, jumps, and alsoclimbs on a vertical ladder, climbs over obstacles and creeps under them. Improved playing skills with the ball. By three years the child usually can roll on a toboggan from a hill.

At this age, you can begin to teach him to ride a tricycle and ski, help the baby master movement in water (to swim, perhaps, while it's too early, but it is already possible to teach a child not to be afraid of water).

Speech development of a child in 3 years also progresses. Active dictionary at this age is about 1500 words, passive - 5-8 times more. The knowledge of the child about the surrounding world begins to be built in a certain system.

The child uses all parts of speech (includingpersonal pronouns), grammatically correctly matches words in simple sentences, begins to use small complex sentences (mainly with a causal relationship). In three years the child becomes a "why": he begins to ask many questions, trying to get answers to them.

It is important to remember that the rates of speech development in children are quite individual. Do not blame the child for errors in speech: children at this age are peculiarword-making and grammatical errors. You need to gently correct the child, but do not focus on the errors of attention: this can lead to the fact that he begins to distort words specifically.

In three years the child becomes more relaxed in communication, strives for a dialogue with both other children and adults, experiencing the need for communication. From single story-role games, he increasingly turns to joint games with other children.

As already mentioned, to three years, children usually have a "system of self". The child is aware of himself not only as a separatepersonality, but also as a member of a certain group of people (family, children's collective). Because of a clear awareness of himself as a person, the child begins to behave differently - he has a crisis of three years. This period of child development is accompanied by negativism, stubbornness, obstinacy, self-will, protest, devaluation of parental authority, despotism.

This is not easy for parents and for the child. therefore it is very important to properly build a line of conduct for a three-year-old child - excessive authoritarianism is as harmful as excessive connivance. A child at this age is important for your support, care and love, but you can not let him "sit on your neck."

Three years is a kind of the first step on the road to independence. Of course, it is very important that the development of the childin 3 years, corresponded to the age norms, but we should not forget that the norms are designed for the "average" child, and such children simply do not exist. So the best thing you can advise parents is to do with the child, give him their attention. Then you will manage to overcome the crisis of three years together, and the pace of development of your baby will correspond to his age.

Child development in 3 years
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