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I think that each of us was faced with a problem when to call or send sms from a telephone device is not possible, because the SIM card is blocked.

The situation is not pleasant, but there are ways to decide how to activate the SIM card, and they are light enough to be used by everyone.

How to activate the sim card

Method 1

When buying a card, the easiest way to askseller, who is constantly confronted with this. For him it does not make any problems, but you do not have to read the article further and puzzle how to do this yourself.

Method 2

Suppose, when you bought a sim card from MTS, thenhave not yet read this article, and therefore were not aware that you can use the advice above. In this case, it's easier to contact the MTS Company Center and ask the employees of the center to make the necessary actions to unblock the SIM. Within a few minutes the issue will be resolved. Do not forget to bring your personal identification documents: passport or driver's license.

Method 3

Laziness to go? No problem. Send a letter with a statement on the need to activate the card to the legal address of the company in your city. Such information is contained on the official websites of MTS in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. After the application is considered (usually it is about 2 weeks), the card will be unlocked. Be sure to include passport data, or even better, attach a photocopy of the passport to the application. If you need to do this urgently, then methods 1 and 2 will suit you much more.

Method 4

Call the number "0890" + "0" from the mobile or8-800-333-0890 from the city for connection to the operator of MTS, which can give you advice on the activation of your card. Perhaps the company will provide its customers with some other, alternative ways to activate the sim card mts.

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How to activate simc mts without a headache

In order to avoid situations whereit is necessary to do additional gestures to communicate by phone using the services of the operator MTS, it is worth sticking to just a few basic tips:

Tip 1

Ask the seller in the store forhe made the necessary activation actions. If he agrees that the procedure is simple - you will agree, but insist on your own. The procedure is really simple, but you can forget to perform it in time.

Tip 2

Always activate sim card mts on the phone on the day of purchase. To do this, just enter the code and call any number, send an SMS or view the balance.

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Unlocking SIM cards

Often, customers block cards in the event of theirloss or travel abroad to avoid billing for roaming. When you want to unlock a previously voluntarily blocked card, the best solution is to call the operator, saying the secret word - the password or go to your personal account on the official website of the operator at the address indicated here.

An alternative source of such information will be the site of the mobile operator MTS, which, in the future, can introduce other ways to activate and unblock sim-cards mts.

Do not lose your cards, activate them in timeand buy them only at official points of sale, which will greatly simplify your life, because only those who face such problems face a professional answer to the question.

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