How to install VirtualBox
The VirtualBox program is needed to create a so-called virtual machine on the computer for installation and operation with a specific operating system. In this article, how to install VirtualBox.

It should be noted that this program is very popular today. With VirtualBox, you can install Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, DOS and many other operating systems. The need to establish another operatingthe system most often arises from the system requirements of software, which, for example, can not work under Windows 7, but it perfectly functions under Windows XP.

In order to install VirtualBox, first of all it is necessary download the distribution from the official website of the program. The application is completely free, so there should not be any difficulties with finding and downloading the distribution.

After downloading, run the installer. Installing the VirtualBox application is not anything complicated. During the installation procedure you will be offered several components for installation, among which drivers for supportUSB-devices, capture of the physical network adapter, creation of network connections and so on. In addition, it is possible to install support for the VirtualBox API, which will enable create scripts in Python.

After the installation procedure, the so-called manager - main window of the program VirtualBox, in which it is possible to create, run and manage virtual machines.

Now it is necessary to consider the program setting in more detail, since there are a number of nuances that must be taken into account. First enter the menu "File" and select "Settings". Then go to the tab "Are common". Find the drop-down list "Folder for machines" and select "Other...". Now specify the folder where the virtual machines you created will be located.

Then go to the tab "Input". Here it is necessary to make select a host key, when you click on that, the host computer switches to the virtual machine. By default this is right key Ctrl. In addition, in this tab, you can tick the option "Auto-capture keyboard", which will automatically redirect the input when starting the virtual machine.

In order to create a virtual machine, click on the button "Create"located on the main toolbarprograms. The Create New Virtual Machine Wizard dialog box appears. First you need to specify the machine name, and also choose the type of the system to be created. Further it will be necessary determine the size of allocated memory for a virtual machine.

To install the operating system, you will need virtual hard disk. Therefore, in the next dialog box, click "Create new...". Here you should select the item "Dynamically expanding image". This is necessary to ensure that the size of the hard drive depends on the amount of information on it.

The next step is to select the folder for storing data in the virtual machine. The last dialog box will need to be clicked. "Finish". After that, the entire screen will be displayed. information about a conscious virtual machine, which you can run and proceed to install the operating system.

As you could see, installing VirtualBox and creating a virtual machine is quite easy. Now you can simultaneously work with several operating systems on one computer.

How to install VirtualBox
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