How to make money on a blog: do no harm!

Earlier, the Council of Country had already considered the main ways of making money on blogs. And since "not all yoghurts are equally useful" (c), then there are a number of very popular ways make money on a blog, which in fact can greatly damage the reputation of your blog.

So, what are these ways? Earn on a blog without harming him, you can if you reasonably use any means of earning on blogs, given the specifics and themes of your blog.

For example, earn on a blog with the help of advertising - a natural desire. But that's how a few people think about how this ad will look on the pages of the blog.

The most unacceptable are the so-called Pop-Up and Pop-Under. These advertisements when the page is loaded"Float" over its contents, or in a new window, forcibly, without the knowledge and desire of the visitor. And even the "close" button, which besides can not be found, does not work: clicking on anyway triggers the transition to the advertiser's page.

And now imagine what the visitor feels,who went to the page of a beloved and respected blog and met there these "arts"? Would he want to come again? You can lose all your audience ...

It makes no sense if you want to make money on a blog, also post several ad units like Adsense and banner rotators. Most likely to place all this advertising you simply do not have enough free space, and the blog itself will look extremely "clogged". This is a heavy blow to the reputation of the blog!

Earn on the blog placement of paid posts - Another quite acceptable way of earning. However, what happens if the number of paid advertising posts exceeds the number of useful and informative articles for which readers go to your blog? Not only do you, again, risk losing your audience, but also the price of your advertising platform will drop - no one will pay much for a place on a blog that is not attending.

And advertising links and paid posts should be, that is called "in the subject". Give preference to thematic articles andfor at least two reasons. First, the thematic link in the thematic environment is valued by the search engines above, and hence its placement is more expensive. Secondly, your readers such links and articles can really be useful.

What about affiliate programs? To earn on a blog in this way and not to damage reputation and attendance of a blog it is possible, if carefully to think over a choice of the partner program. There are quite "innocent" affiliates offeringbooks, cosmetics, licensed software. But there are also very "dubious" affiliate programs, the link to which harms not only the attendance of the blog, but also its promotion in the search engines.

To earn money on the blog and not to harm it, you do not need to immediately "hang out" with advertising, "build up" with custom posts. All this hinders the promotion of the blog insearch engines. Experts recommend waiting with monetization of the blog for at least a couple of months - this will allow you to more accurately determine the tastes and preferences of the target audience of the blog, choose the best line of conduct.

How to make money on a blog: do no harm!
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