Encephalopathy - what is it? Symptoms, photos, treatment

It is not always pleasant to talk about illnesses, butis necessary. To feel safe is to know the enemy better in person. In this case, we will get acquainted with a complex disease called encephalopathy.

In fact, this disease is something,What happens to a person after the death of his brain cells or bleeding. Several factors can lead to this, most often this is a serious poisoning, oxygen starvation, etc.

The essence of the disease

What is encephalopathy can explain onlydoctor. We, of course, will try, however, do not try after searching to look for all sorts of symptoms in yourself. The first thing that is important to know is the types of illness. Encephalopathy can be congenital or acquired. Congenital can be noticeable even during pregnancy, because the doctor's observations allow us to conclude that the fetus is formed and the state of its nerve cells. Acquired disease, the result of various pathological conditions of man and other diseases.

In general, the question: "Encephalopathy, what is it?"Can be confidently answered - this is a complex of symptoms. They are all related to the human nervous system and various genetic failures. If it is a congenital disease, then most often it is the result of various injuries, for example, birth trauma or hypoxia.

Encephalopathy - what is it? Symptoms, photos, treatment

Progression of this disease is very slow, only inIn some cases, there is an acute course, often caused by other diseases, for example, hypertension or kidney damage. But, mainly the cause of the disease lies in the oxygen starvation of the brain. The development of encephalopathy is possible if the arterial blood flow in the brain is insufficient, and the outflow of venous is difficult. Thus, metabolic processes slow down, and gradually the destruction of nerve cells, hemorrhages of different scales and swelling of the meninges begin.

How to identify the disease

Encephalopathy is determined by a variety of factors,the symptoms can be quite different. The first of these is a decrease in working capacity, a weakening of memory. It is difficult for a person to switch attention between different types of activities, he quickly gets tired, a frequent guest is insomnia, mood changes and headaches. There may be visual and hearing impairments.

Encephalopathy - what is it? Symptoms, photos, treatment

These symptoms should lead you to the doctor's office,who will conduct a thorough examination and check the muscle tone, tendon reflexes and more. Numerous patients are diagnosed with disorders of the nervous system, coordination of movements. If we talk about later manifestations, they manifest themselves in the form of paralysis, paresis and parkinsonism. As a result, patients have a mental disorder and often dementia.

Diagnosis and treatment

Despite the fact that encephalopathy is complexillness, her treatment is possible. It is especially important to start it on time. Usually, the doctor starts the diagnosis with the patient's questioning. It is necessary to clarify whether there were traumatic cases, hereditary diseases or the abuse of harmful substances. Further studies of EEG, CT, MRI, NMR are mandatory. It is also necessary to donate blood and urine. In some cases, I appoint a puncture.

Encephalopathy - what is it? Symptoms, photos, treatment

If you still caught this unpleasant diagnosis,do not delay a minute. The sooner you start treatment, the more likely it is to contain the disease. Doctors start to struggle not with encephalopathy, but rather with what provoked it. This is a comprehensive treatment that involves several different approaches.

If the disease is acute, useparenteral nutrition, pulmonary ventilation and hemodialysis. Also constant friends for the person become anticonvulsants and diuretics which allow to lower pressure. Blood circulation is improved by angioprejectors.

In addition to medical means, they actively use auxiliary - folk and non-traditional medicine. Among them are acupuncture, physiotherapy, gymnastics.

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