What is the value of tomatoes?To any of us the tomato taste is familiar from childhood: Tomatoes and tomato juice begin to give zhetam already from 6 months. And then - on accrue: ketchups, sauces. salads, snacks, marinades. Recommendations of healers about longevity are also mentioned by tomatoes: it is necessary to drink a glass of fresh (!) Juice a day to live up to 200 years.

That's really who agrees on canning - so it's a tomato. It generally retains most of its properties for any processing.

Tomatoes are also irreplaceable in cosmetics. If you wipe a slice of tomato face and hands, then after 5-6 days, pack tremendous improvements in the condition and color of the skin. If you are used to using "tempting" creams - add a spoonful of fresh tomato juice in them, and their properties will noticeably improve.

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