How to make your gait easy and beautiful?

"With a flying gait, you came out of May ...""- sings in his famous song Yuri Antonov. A light, beautiful gait is a dream not only of young ladies, but also of mature ladies. In addition, a beautiful gait not only causes the hearts of men to fight harder, but is also an important component of women's health.

That the gait was not only elegant, but alsocorrect from the point of view of the health of the organism, an integrated approach is needed. Therefore, all the muscles of the body must first be put in order. Muscles responsible for a beautiful gait (abdominal muscles, back, legs) are not consciously controlled and strengthened only by constant weight training.

To improve gait, experts recommend performing a set of simple and accessible exercises.

  • Exercise number 1. Walking on the spot without lifting your toes off the floor.

    Initial position: legs apart on a width of about 20 cm.

    Tear off the heel of the left leg from the floor, whileThe fingers should remain pressed against the floor. On the account of "one" - we lower the left heel and raise the right one. At the expense of "two" - we change the heels in places. The knee of the leg that is raised should be bent, the leg standing on the floor should be straightened with force.

    The exercise is done at a fast pace.

  • Exercise number 2. Circular motion of the legs in the sitting position.

    Initial position: sitting on a chair to put a foot on the leg.

    Performance: a foot that lies on top of describing large circles in the air. Four circles in one direction, four in the other. Repeat the exercise for the other leg.

  • Exercise number 3. Walking with an object on your head.

    Initial position: put on the top of a small book.

    Performance: to pass by inexpensive and narrow steps so that the book does not fall.

  • Exercise 4. On the run.

    Initial position: the exercise is performed while driving.

    Performance: while walking four steps on the heels, four - on the socks and four ordinary steps. Repeat for several minutes.

A beautiful and healthy gait is available to every woman, you just need to remember to take care of her!

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