Fitness at home for weight loss

Any girl dreams about a tight and slendershape. The simplest means for losing weight and keeping the body in shape is sport. Aerobics, swimming, gymnastics, sports dances, bodybuilding ... All of them contribute to weight loss with a properly chosen mode of study and nutrition. The most important thing is to find a suitable sport. But what if you do not have time to attend training? All exercises can be performed at home. Therefore, most women prefer fitness at home for weight loss.

This is very convenient, because in order tobegin the studies, you need to allocate a suitable place in the apartment, put on your favorite clothes and shoes, and include rhythmic music. For the first time, you may need a CD with a set of exercises for fitness at home. You can go to a consultation with a specialist in a fitness club or gym. It will help to pick up exercise for weight loss. If it is not so important for you, with what exercises to give a load on the muscles, then further effective complexes are provided, aimed at reducing weight and maintaining the body in excellent shape.

Fitness Slimming Home: Press

Undoubtedly, a flat belly is the dream of all women. For many, it is the stomach that is the problem area on the body. In the complex of exercises for effective weight loss must necessarily include exercises for the abs:

  1. Lie on your back, legs relaxed and bent inknees, and his hands are straight before him. You need to lift your back, stretching your arms forward. Touching the chest, return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

  2. Exercise "scissors". You need to lie on a flat surface, put your hands along the body. Raise the legs 45 degrees from the surface, not lowering, alternately cross and raise legs 10 times. After a minute of rest, repeat the exercise.

Fitness slimming home: buttocks

Do you want to wear an open swimsuit on the beach or wear beautiful tight things? Then do not forget give time to exercises for the buttocks:

  1. Put your legs wide, hands spread apart. You need to perform half-squats, greatly straining the muscles of the buttocks. Do not take the heels off the ground. Exercise 30 times.

  2. Exercise lunge. Hands on the belt, the right leg is set forward and bent at the knee by 90 degrees. Follow the spring squats, keep your back straight. Field 10 sit-ups repeat the exercises, leaning on the other leg.

Fitness slimming home: back

Naturally, care is required for posture. With a flat back, the gait will be charming. The rapid effect of exercise will not be given, but over time Your posture will become truly "royal":

  1. Lie on your stomach, hands pull forward. Take a deep breath and lift the upper body. Hands stretch forward and up. Count to five and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

  2. Down should be on your knees, hands on lean againstfloor. The right hand as much as possible, pull forward, at the same time, the left leg - back. Count to 10 and return to the starting position. The same complex for the left arm and right foot.

The load should be given uniform, so try to do the exercises in the specified amount. Over time, when the muscles "get used" to the exercises, their number can be increased. In no case do not overwork yourself, because the body will not be in a tonus, but on the contrary -sluggish and tired. Do not forget about water, it needs to be consumed as much as possible: from 0.5 to 1 liter during training. This contributes to weight loss and body cleansing. Make for yourself a couple of days off, but on the rest of the days do exercises. The main thing is not to interrupt the sport, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result, namely - a beautiful and well-proportioned figure.

Fitness at home for weight loss
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