Bronchial asthma - chronic inflammatory diseaserespiratory tracts involving a variety of cellular elements. The key link is bronchial obstruction (narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi), caused by specific immunological (sensitization and allergy) or nonspecific mechanisms, manifested by repeated episodes of wheezing, shortness of breath, feelings of stuffiness in the chest and coughing.

The condition of those suffering from asthma is facilitated by using the following mixture:

Shell 10 raw eggs thoroughly rinse, dry andpound into powder. Squeeze out the juice of 10 lemons, pour in a powder and stand in a dark place for 10 days. Then strain the mixture through gauze. Beat 10 egg yolks with 10 tablespoons of sugar, add 1 bottle of cognac.

All components of the mixture mix well. Drink 30 grams 30 minutes before meals. (Do not take breaks in the use of the mixture and, having started taking it, you should immediately prepare the next serving.)

With bronchial asthma, drink a decoction and infusion of leaves of mother-and-stepmother, a decoction of black radish, inhale vapors of freshly cut garlic. Recipe from the ancient Russian herbalist:
Take evenly the elderberry flowers, sundew herbs,plantain, violet tricolor. 4 teaspoons of collection pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 2 hours, persist for several minutes and drain after cooling. Decoction to drink for 1 day in 3 admission. The medicine is used for bronchitis.

With asthma, a treatment-and-prophylactic collection is useful: licorice root (1 teaspoon), three-color violet root (1 teaspoon), thyme herb (4 teaspoons). Prepare a water broth, a glass of broth to drink in 4 divided doses for 1 day. When the intolerance of broths shows the fees:

Grass of Ephedra Khvoshchevoy (1 teaspoon), leafnettle (1 teaspoon), root elecampane (1 teaspoon), inflorescence of yarrow (1.5 teaspoons), calendula flowers of medicinal (1.5 teaspoon), leaves of plantain large (2 teaspoons).

Infusion take 2 glasses 3-4 times a day after meals.

Fruits of anise (1 teaspoon), fennel (1 teaspoon), thyme herb (1 teaspoon), licorice root (1 teaspoon), pine buds (1 teaspoon). A glass of infusion to drink in 4 divided doses per day.

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