How useful is beer and red dry wineBeer has long been considered a weak alcoholicdrink, which nothing but good, can not bring. But times have changed, and by the number of degrees, today's beer is not inferior to wine. Can such a concentration of alcohol damage the body and reduce the healing properties of this product? And in general, how great is its healing effect on the body, which is also much talked about?


  1. Beer, thanks to the presence in it of B vitamins (mainly PP), has valuable nutritional properties.

  2. The use of beer causes a decrease in the levelcholesterol, an increase in the level of antioxidants and a decrease in the level of fibrinogen that creates thrombi. This is due to the acids that contain the fermentation products present in the beer.


  1. In the process of alcohol fermentation in beer in full(fermentation by-products.) These are aldehydes, fusel oils, methanol, ethers, the content of which in beer is tens and hundreds of times higher than the level of their permissible concentration in vodka, obtained from alcohol of higher purity.

  2. The alcohol content in beer reaches 14%. One bottle of beer, depending on the strength, is equivalent to 50-100 g of vodka. Drinking 5-6 bottles of beer, you can get a dose of ethyl alcohol equal to a bottle of vodka. By the speed of habituation beer alcoholism develops 3-4 times faster than vodka.

  3. Beer promotes the expansion of the cavities of the heart, the thickening of its walls and necrosis in the heart muscle. These changes are due to the presence in the beer of cobalt, used as a stabilizer of beer foam.

  4. Beer saturation with carbon dioxide leads tothe fact that when ingested, beer quickly overflows with blood vessels. This leads to varicose veins and widening the boundaries of the heart. So there is the "beer heart" syndrome, when it becomes flabby and badly pumps blood.


The hearts need to categorically abandon the beer, and healthy people to avoid its frequent use.

Dry red wine

The harm of dry wine can only be said in the caseits increased doses, which exert their negative influence due to the large content of alcohol. But the wine contains a lot of medicinal substances, which are useful for healthy people, and for those who already suffer from cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Red dry wine contains chemical compounds that help reduce the cholesterol in the blood and have anti-carcinogenic properties.

  2. It contains polyphenolic compounds thatare contained in the skin of red grapes. They prevent the narrowing of the vessels, inhibit the development of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels and even destroy them.

  3. Substances contained in dry wine, increase the efficiency of brain cells and delay aging.


a moderate use of dry red wine will benefit if you drink it no more than one glass a day.

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