The Benefits of Beer

Doctors insist that beer is an alcoholic drink, but some experts argue that the benefitsbeer is still not fiction. It contains substances that in a certain amount are required by our body: water, proteins, saccharides and even vitamins. The Benefits of Beer causes much controversy, as well as harm. Let's try to figure it out!

Sure, there's beer alcohol. This is the reason why he is treated with some caution, although the percentage of alcohol is much lower than in other beverages.
On the one hand, this concentration should notbut physicians point to the fact that beer is obtained during fermentation, and, accordingly, by-products are retained (compounds of chemicals that can become toxic in certain doses).

Still argue that the benefit of beer is that it promotes digestion, if it is eaten with food. Nothing like this! Studies have shown that the abuse of beer during meals can lead to inflammatory processes in the esophagus and even colon cancer.

Some people think that the advantage of beer is that it has a diuretic effect, thus helping to cleanse the body. In fact, beer flushes out of the body some necessary proteins, microelements (potassium, magnesium, vitamin C), without these elements the body weakens, and more often there are various diseases.

Also excessive beer consumption leads to an increase in pressure, is developing cardiac ischemia.

Nobody is immune to beer poisoning (as well as any other product). Current technologies allow beer to last a certain number of days, after which its drink is not recommended. It is worth paying attention to this when buying beer in stores and supermarkets.

Naturally, the use of beer in large quantities leads to beer alcoholism.

But beer lovers should not be upset. This product there are many pluses.

  • Not all women know that the benefit of beer is that there is a skin rejuvenation system beer-based.

  • If the beer is used moderately, it helps extraction of aluminum from the body, which can cause the development of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Based on beer compiled special diets.

  • Beer contains much fewer calories, than the notorious Coke, milk, etc.

  • Also the benefit of beer is that it has diuretic effect (natural removal from the body of split micro- and macroelements).

  • Use it for treatment of certain diseases: when you cough, drink a glass of hot beer. Or put a spoonful of honey in a mug of warm beer - a wonderful medicine for colds.

  • In a bath, the beer is poured onto stones instead of water, as the beer steam moisturizes the skin, it becomes softer and silky.

  • How not to remember the hair styler, which will be stronger than all advertised varnishes. You can use beer and as a conditioner for hair, you not only get rid of dandruff, beer will give hair shine.

  • Brewer's yeast is prescribed people with skin diseases: furunculosis, acne, diabetes mellitus.

  • The benefit of beer is that the antioxidants contained in it help to exclude the possibility of get tuberculosis, atherosclerosis.

  • If you have been ill for a long time - a small amount of beer will help restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • There are many recipes, where beer takes pride of place, but is not the main product.

But do not forget that beer -alcoholic drink, and the effect of alcohol on the body is known to everyone from a young age. If you consider the use of beer as an alcoholic beverage, then, of course, you can find a significant benefit, but if you consider that there is such a thing as "beer alcoholism", it is worth considering: can, it is necessary to reduce a little doses of the use of this intoxicating drink.

The Benefits of Beer
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