Plastic, or, as it is called in Russia,polymer clay - one of the most favorite materials from needlewomen, because of it so much can be created. At today's master class we will do our own "knitted" earrings made of polymer clay, imitating knitted knitted canvas. Such decoration will be very useful in the cold season. You can use it as an accessory for your winter wardrobe, as well as plastic earrings can be an excellent gift for your family and friends.

Knit from plastic ornaments - necessary materials

To start a master class, we needseveral shades of polymer clay. We wanted a gray-black scale. Maybe someone will find this combination boring, but there is no dispute about tastes. But such plastic earrings fit everything. You can use colors that you liked.

Earrings from polymer clay with their own hands - step by step instruction

  1. Well mash the polymer. Note! In the open air, the plastic withers, so when we do not work with the material, we hide it in vacuum bags, otherwise we will have to buy a plasticizer for softening.

  2. Roll out these are the "strings". Who has a fashionable device - an extruder (like a syringe) with different nozzles, that does not steamy. We are enjoying the process :)

  3. We take two different in color ropes and twist them with such a tourniquet. Once in one direction, the second in another

  4. Apply to each other and get a pigtail.

  5. We cut and expand our "knitted" scrap. From it you can cut any shape - hearts, mittens and much more. But I wanted to leave it as it is, adding only one small touch.

  6. A piece of white plastic, magic hands, magic tools ... and two white buttons "sewn" to the knitted fabric. Earrings made of polymer clay with their hands are almost ready.

  7. All that's left is to bake in the oven (carefully,do not overdo it - otherwise it will burn to charcoal), varnish (if desired) and attach shvenzy (the basis for earrings, with which they, in fact, cling to the ear). As you can see, weaving from polymer clay is not so difficult, but winter decorations can be done a lot - for every dress, blouse, trousers ...

Advice! Cuttings can not be thrown away, and make them one more earrings. We mix black and gray shavings, roll out into more or less presentable "divorces." We wrap these plates with a "pearl" made of white plastic. We collected one more unpretentious, but pretty earrings.

As you can see, make your own earrings frompolymer clay is not difficult at all. We hope that our master class with step-by-step photos helped you, and you will replenish your collection of accessories with a beautiful new thing or make an excellent gift to your close people.

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