Earrings from polymer clayPolymer clay (plastic) - very malleable material, which is loved by many needlewomen. Very often plastic make a variety of original costume jewelry. We suggest you try to make polymer clay earrings.

To begin with, you need to decide on how you see your earrings from polymer clay. These can be earrings square, oval,round or other shape, covered with an abstract pattern; earrings assembled from several beads; Finally, very popular earrings in the form of various items, from ladybirds to cakes, from vatnamok to guitars. And sometimes the wizards transfer various images to flat earrings from polymer clay.

If you have little experience in working with polymer clay, you do not need to start with very complex shapes - First you need to fill your hand. Start with simple earrings from several round beads. You can also do the following: make the basis of the earring - a flat "cake" made of plastic - and already on top of it lay out patterns of thin "sausages" of a different color. And as you gain experience, you will be able to move on to more complex shapes and "marble" earrings made from plastic of several colors.

Having decided on how your earrings from polymer clay will look, you will know, which materials and in what quantity do you need. You will definitely need polymer clay andaccessories for costume jewelery. The color and quantity of clay depends on how your earrings will be, and the clay brand will be chosen by the one with which it is more convenient and customary for him to work. For jewelry, you can choose an unusual clay: for example, if you are going to put on earrings from plastic in the club, you can use clay, glowing in the UV-rays.

Now a little about the hardware. To make earrings, you will need shvenzy (the so-called part of the earring, which is inserted intoan ear). Usually for homemade earrings, hook-hooks are used, but you can choose another kind of schwenz, which you prefer. If you are afraid of losing the earring, you can choose hook-hooks with special silicone plugs.

Usually the schwenze is fastened to the earring with the help of threaded pin. The pin is a rod with a thread at one end and an eyelet on the other. The thread is screwed into the earring, and the shvenza is fastened to the eyelet. Instead of a pin, you can use wire ring (for flat earrings): before baking, a hole is made in the earring, a ring is inserted into it, and a shvenzu is inserted into the ringlet. Also you may need other hardware.

Also prepare the necessary tools: surface for baking, knife, toothpicks,a working surface (for example, a plastic tablet or a piece of Plexiglas) and other improvised means. Another will need a clear varnish to cover the finished product.

Now you can start to sculpt your earrings from polymer clay. Do not rush, work carefully. You can use different techniques depending on what the ready-made earrings should be. You can mix two or more colors to geteffect of marble, you can use sausage technique, you can just make a figure from different parts ... It all depends on your skill and imagination. If you want to make earrings with pictures or photos, you can use the technique of transferring pictures to plastic (we talked about it in our article "How to make earrings yourself?".

When the earrings are caked, you need to bake them. If you need to have holes in the earrings (say, under the ringlet), in this place you need to insert a toothpick and bake it right with it. Bake the plastic according to the instructions. It is very important to maintain the temperature regime: at too high temperatures, the plastic begins to burn, releasing toxic substances!

When the finished earrings cool, you need to cover them with varnish. And after the varnish has dried, you can start attach accessories: screw the pins, attach shvenzy, fasten among themselves various elements of earrings.

Earrings from plastic are original and exclusive ornaments, which with a small workout is easy to do with your own hands.

Earrings from polymer clay
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