How to make a necklace of polymer clay own handsGold and precious stones look too pompous. Today in fashion, large, bright, flashy jewelry made of plastic or polymer clay. What is polymer clay, it is also "plastic"?

It is a substance that looks like ordinary clay and is sold throughout the spectrum of paints. It is plastic, it is easy to fashion anything from it, even some complicated doll figure.

But after baking the finished product in a conventional oven (where it should be kept for about twenty minutes) - the product becomes hard, like ordinary plastic, does not get dirty and does not change its shape.

Of polymer clay often make jewelry, thisone of the most convenient and leaving room for fantasy materials. In our master class we will tell you how to make from your own hands a fashionable necklace in the form of a chain with large links made of polymer clay.

You will need:

- polymer clay in several colors. It is better to buy colors in individual bars, the clay from the sets is often of substandard quality, just like the clay of domestic production.

The choice of color depends on how you want to see your necklace; on the photo in this master class a bright necklace of red, purple and white clay and a more stringent monochrome (white, black and gray).

EIf you doubt the choice of colors or the number of rings of the same color, check the colors and their compatibility on the color wheel.

- Black twine.

1. Grind the clay until it is soft enough. Roll out into sausage - the thicker it will be, the thicker will be the chain link.

2. Select the color combination. In a monochrome necklace, here the colors go one after another, from light to dark, and in bright - the color "descends" to the center. Wrap each link, attaching it to others. Do not squeeze the clay! The links should be free to connect with each other, and not be attached once and for all.

How to make a necklace of polymer clay own hands

3. Bake, according to the instructions to your clay - the product of different production requires different time and temperature, but on average it is from 100 to 130 degrees and 25 minutes.

There are different ways to bake products, but,if we are talking about a long, one-piece chain, like here, we can put it in the center of a sheet of very thick cardboard, bent accordion. So the heating will be uniform and it will be baked on all sides, but does not melt.

How to make a necklace of polymer clay own hands

4. When the chain has cooled, tie the string to the outer links (you can add a little adhesive for strength) and adjust the length of the necklace - it should be easy to put on without fastening.

5. Cut off the excess twine. Done! Please note that after the baking process, the room in which the oven is standing should be well ventilated - the smell of heated clay is not very pleasant, and the smoke from the plastic, if overexposed or exposed to too high a temperature, is even toxic.

How to make a necklace of polymer clay own hands

If you used to bake a conventional kitchen oven, in which you are going to cook something, wind it better with an open oven.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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