5 simple pendants made of wire and beads by your own hands

For all these pendants you will need:

  • wire (copper color or any other);

  • nippers and round pliers;

  • connecting rings;

  • various beads.

Nippers are needed in order to cut off the wire, and round-bends - mainly in order to fasten the connecting rings. You can bend the wire either with them or with your fingers.

Beads do not necessarily take exactly the same as indicated here - give vent to fantasy and pick out what you like best.

Forest nest

Pendant in the form of a small nest with three eggs.

Forest nest

For eggs, you will need 3 oval or round beads of the same color (for example, white).

To weave the suspension:

  1. String all three beads in a row on the wire.

  2. Wrap both ends of the wire around the beads (in different directions).

  3. Repeat until the "nest" becomes quite similar to it (usually 10-12 turns). The coils should be as tight as possible to each other and to the beads in the center.

  4. Fasten all the turns to each other, wrapping both ends of the wire around the windings (perpendicular to them). The nest will be as if bandaged in three places.

  5. Attach the connecting ring to any coil. The suspension is ready.

The sun "children's drawing"

The sun

For this unusual suspension in the form of a child's drawing, you need to take small multicolored round beads, from 5 to 10 pcs.

  1. Fold the wire with a spiral, leaving a distance of 2-3 mm between the windings. Do so five turns.

  2. After this, bend the wire in the form of a long protrusion (about 2 cm in length), and repeat this projection 5 to 7 times, circling the spiral until the wire runs out.

  3. Fasten the end to the last turn of the spiral.

  4. String the beads through the open center of the spiral, placing them in any order on the spiral turns, but not very close to the center.

  5. Attach the connecting ring to one of the projections. Done.


For a kind of "catcher dreams" in the Scythian spirit, you will need 3 small round beads.


  1. First, form a medium-sized loop at the end of the wire, then bend it down and create another loop.

  2. Pull the wire to the right, and then up,closing the resulting triangle. You have to make two more loops - one in the middle of the base of this triangle (bent down and the largest of all), and the second one on the bend, the same as the one on the left.

  3. Thread the wire into the upper loop, turn itand repeat the whole figure again, fixing the wire in each loop. You should have triangles of smaller and smaller size. Make 4-5 of these triangles. All subsequent loops need to be carried inside the previous one, but to wrap the end at the exit of the loop through all the "layers" of the wire.

  4. Finish the shape at the top. Wrap the remainder of the wire around the hinge and secure it.

  5. In each bead, thread a small piece of wire and round-nosed shape the beads with a closed loop (so that the bead does not fall), and on top - an open hook.

  6. "Hang" the beads on this hook, attaching it to the three "lower" loops.

  7. Add a connecting ring to the upper loop. Done.

Round air suspension with bead

Round air suspension with bead

For her, take one large oval bead.

  1. Form a narrow long loop.

  2. Sharply fold the wire to the right downwards, and then flex it flexibly, making a wide loop-circle.

  3. Bend the wire a second time, applying a new circle to the old one.

  4. Add the third circle - on the right.

  5. Secure the wire to the first hinge.

  6. Now cut 4 small pieces of wire and fasten wide round loops among each other in 4 places.

  7. String a bead on one more short piecewire, round pliers make a closed loop at the bottom, and on top - open (hook). Attach the bead to the center cross of the circles, and to the loop from above add a connecting ring. Done.



For this suspension, take one large geometric bead.

  1. Fold a piece of wire in half.

  2. Pass the bead through both parts.

  3. Unbend the ends, imitating the butterfly's mustache. Hold the bead close to them.

  4. Wind the workpiece with another piece of wire. Form 4 loops - the wings, and fasten them near the bead.

  5. Add a thinner wire or wire of a different color, repeating the contours of the wings.

  6. Attach the connecting ring to the wing or back of the body. Done.

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