Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

Paraphrasing well-known comedians, you can say,that "Maslenitsa is not only delicious pancakes, but 3-4 merry days with games, contests and folk festivals on the street." Of course, far from all the cities of Russia Pancake week is celebrated on a grand scale all week, as did the Slavs. But nevertheless, the tendency to the revival of ancient traditions, including the celebration of the winter and Wide Carnival streets on the street, is increasing every year. And that such folk festivals on the streets of the city were fun, with interesting contests and games for all ages, a good organization and script is absolutely necessary. In our today's article, we have collected for you interesting ideas for scenarios for the winter winters for Shrovetide for children and adults, including outdoor events, rural clubs, kindergartens and schools. We hope that they will help you organize an excellent holiday of winter winters in the street or a room, and your script for the Pancake week of 2017 will be remembered by everyone as the most interesting!

Scenario on the Great Maslenitsu 2017 on the street for all ages with competitions, parties and games

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

Contrary to popular belief, massivefolk festivities with games and competitions on the street for all ages on Shrove Tuesday at our ancestors passed not spontaneously, but under a certain scenario. In other words, for each day of the winter's wake-off for the Shrove Tuesday, which began on Thursday and ended on Sunday, there were fun and entertainment. For example, on Thursday children went to caroling, and the youth jumped through the bonfires and rolled on sleds from the hill. And every game on the street, besides entertainment function, was also of ritual significance. For example, with a slide on a sleigh and in harnesses, young people rode to wake the earth after hibernation and help the spring to melt the snow and spend the winter. Nowadays, few know about the sacred meaning of the Slavic traditions, which does not prevent them from having fun playing games, contests and other events during the Shrovetide week on the streets, in kindergartens and schools. Therefore, if you are planning not just to spend a fun holiday, but also to convey to people the depth of winter rites, we advise you to add traditional games and entertainments on the street when you write the script for Shrovetide. And do not worry that such a scenario for the Shrove Tuesday 2017 for all ages with contests, festivities and outdoor games with winter wires can be old-fashioned. Believe me, if you make an effort to organize a traditional winter holiday festival for Shrovetide according to a good scenario, then it will easily give odds to many modern entertainment activities.

Which competitions are suitable for the winter winters for Maslenitsa 2017 for all ages on the street

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

Russian Carnival is famous for its entertainment,games and competitions on the street, which are connected with the wires of winter and the meeting of spring. Next, we offer you several variants of universal games that are perfect for winter and street festivities on the street for children and adults of all ages, as well as schools and kindergartens.

Relay on three legs in the street

A fun contest in which participateseveral commands. All participants are divided into pairs, in which the right leg of one participant is tied with a ribbon to the left foot of the second one. The task of the pair as quickly as possible to reach a certain line and return to their team to pass the baton to the next participants. The team that wins the fastest distance will win.

Throwing a broom

This competition can be conducted both among adults,and among children. If necessary, the broom can be replaced with a broom. The task of each participant is to throw as far as possible a broom or a broom, like a spear. To determine the winner you need to make marks on the ground, for example, with the help of colored flags.

Power competitions

At the Shrovetide festivities our ancestors oftenThey saw off winter, demonstrating their strength and stamina at the competitions. Therefore, you can easily take similar competitions for the holiday scenario and adapt them for adults and children. For example, young guys on the street can find out who is stronger with the help of reusable lifting weights. And for children, such a competition according to the scenario can be carried out, for example, on push-up or pull-up on the bar.

Contests and games for the Shrovetide scenario in the rural club for adults and children

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

It's no secret that in the countryside the traditions andcustoms in the memory of local residents live much longer than in the minds of citizens. Therefore, the use of folk competitions and games for the Shrovetide scenario in a rural club for adults and children is quite common. Nevertheless, no less traditional rituals and entertainments, which are perfect for the scenario of the Shrovetide festival, can be forgotten even in the villages. Therefore, further we offer you several ideas for the Shrovetide scenario in the rural club and on the street with games and contests for adults and children of different ages.

Round dance with blind leader

Participants are divided into teams and each choosesleading, blindfolded. The rest of the participants stand in a row behind the lead and stick to each other, forming a snake. The task of the lead on the verbal prompts of the players to lead their team to the finish line through a series of obstacles in the form of tables.


In this competition can participate asindividuals and teams. The presenter wants each participant a word related to the celebration of Maslenitsa and its traditions. The task of the participant without words for a while is explained, with the help of gestures and facial expressions, to the audience, what word was made. You can also allow participants to use the drawing board.

Competition for the most delicious pancake

Anyone can take part in the competition. The task of the contestants is simple - to bake pancakes and provide them to the jury. In this case, you can evaluate not only the taste and appearance of pancakes, but also the originality of the presentation. Also in the script, you can add a contest for quick eating pancakes.

Scenario Wide Carnival in a rural club with wires of winter on the street

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

A huge advantage of the Maslenitsa inthe countryside is an opportunity immediately from the village club, where part of the festive events were held, to go out and organize outdoor festivities. So do not neglect this wonderful opportunity and better add fun-filled street fun to the script. Moreover, many of them are very symbolic and directly connected with the wires of winter on the street. First and foremost, it is about the most famous Maslenitsa ritual - the burning of a stuffed winter, which gives the script a special color. To add this action to the game character you can attract adults and children to dress up stuffed animals on the street, for example, on speed. Also it is desirable to learn beforehand a simple simple song about Pancake week and sing it in chorus.

Another option for entertainment for the script,which can be organized in a rural winter - capture of snow castles in the street. Participants are divided into teams and build a snow fortress. Then part of the team remains to guard the snow castle, and the second part, armed with snowballs, goes to capture the fortress of opponents.

Children's scenario with contests and games at the Shrovetide Maslenitsa in 2017 at the school

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

Its revival and popularization of Maslenitsa inowes a lot to children's holidays in schools and kindergartens. With the help of scenarios with children's competitions and games in schools at Shrovetide Maslenitsa, they not only conduct entertaining activities, but also visually introduce students to the history of our ancestors. Of course, there are certain differences between the adult and children's scenario with the contests and games for the Shrovetide of 2017 at the school. First, in the school version, it is game games and team entertainment that prevail. Secondly, in the children's script for the school it is possible and necessary to introduce cognitive competitions, which helped to expand the knowledge of children about the holiday. And thirdly, the school scenario of carnival can be done with theatrical elements, which will positively affect the formation of talents of children. For example, you can put a scene about Maslenitsa in traditional Russian dresses at school, sing chastushki or folk songs.

Variants of games and contests for the children's script Maslenitsa in the school

Next, you will find interesting variants of contests and games for children that you can use when writing a script for Shrovetide at school.


In this game as a child, many played. Schoolchildren are divided into pairs, they take their hands and stand in a column, raising their hands high, to get a peculiar corridor. The participant who has remained without a couple to stand near the entrance and under the song or music passes through the corridor, simultaneously taking the pair from the other participant, and becomes the end. Consequently, the one remaining without a pair takes his place and also leaves through a stream for his pair.


Participants take their hands and form a large circle. Then choose 4 people who become the center. One of them is blindfolded, and the others are given bells of different tonality. Under the terms of the game, the blind man must find a participant with a certain bell, the sound of which he must remember. The other two participants with their bells should confuse him. As soon as the blind man will catch the bell ringer, he becomes in the general circle, and his place is taken by the caught one.

Ideas for the script of winter wires for Pancake Week 2017 in kindergarten with competitions

Scenario for Pancake Day 2017

Interesting ideas for the winter wiring scenarioMaslenitsa 2017 with contests in kindergarten can be drawn from traditional games and fun. However, it should be taken into account that not all the ideas of the competitions for the script of the winter winters for Shrovetide, including for the school, will be fully understood by small pupils of kindergartens. Therefore, it is better to focus on the choice of simple games and the production of light themed numbers of self-activity, for example, dance dances or chastushki. It is also desirable to hold part of the festive event on the street so that the kids can not only get acquainted with the Carnival, but also enjoy the snow fun.

Which competitions are better to take for the Maslenitsa script in the kindergarten

Best of all, as already mentioned above, fitthe simplest contests for the winter wiring scenario. For example, themed riddles in verses about Shrovetide, the solutions to which it is easy to guess by rhyme. Also, outdoor contests, for example, the modeling of the biggest snowman, which in honor of the winter's wake can be later disbanded, are also perfect for the scenario. Another can be timed to the beginning of the Wide Maslenitsa contest crafts or drawings in the garden. The main thing is that the script itself for the Pancake Week of 2017 for kindergarten was focused on children, not adults. Therefore, it is desirable to involve in the holiday well-known to each kid fairy-tale characters, for example, Babu-Yaga or Snowman. Then the holiday will be more fun, and the children will be interested. And if later the kids outside the kindergarten or primary school, and already with their parents, will take part in folk festivals on Shrovetide, for example, in a rural club or on a city square, the meaning of many games, contests and other events will be understood by them.

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