Stains from the iron: how to clean?Inattention during ironing can lead to the formation of scorching on the fabric. And now a completely new blouse or skirt is spoiled. Do not despair and throw out a thing, because stains from iron can be inferred. How to do this, tell the Country of Soviets.

Of course, not any stains from the iron can be deduced. If you can still cope with a small trace,then a burnt red spot can not be removed by anything. To prevent this from happening, carefully study the instructions for ironing clothes. All symbols on the labels carry certain information on washing, whitening and ironing clothes. Yes, manufacturers say that a modern iron coating will save your clothes from scorching. But unpleasant situations can happen quite often. Therefore, we will tell you how to remove the stain from the iron.

Depending on the fabric on which the stain is left, different stain removal methods can be used. But to begin with a trace from the iron should be triedremove using water. Water is good to remove stains from the iron, left on a woolen fabric with thick fibers. In this case, you will remove the upper burnt layer of fibers. Spread the thing on a flat surface and wipe the stain from the iron with a damp cloth. If you see that the cloth becomes reddish, then you are on the right track. This simple method helps to remove small scorch marks. The main thing is not to rub too hard not to disrupt the structure of the tissue. Then wash the product in detergent.

If you did not manage to remove stains from the iron with water and powder, you can use other methods and solutions. For white and colored fabrics, various methods should be used. Also pay attention to the type of fabric with which you want to remove the burn. We will tell in more detail how to remove the trace from the iron from various tissues.

The stains from the iron are most visible on white fabrics. Agree that even a small spot will easily spoil the appearance of the product. To remove the trail from the iron on a white cloth, a solution of hydrogen peroxide can be used. Mix half a cup of water with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Apply this solution on the stain and leave your thing to dry in the sun until the water dries completely. Rinse the product in warm water with a small amount of detergent.

To remove stains from iron on cotton products perfect solution of bleach. Dilute 1 tsp. lime in one liter of water. Apply this solution to the stain, then rinse the product well so that the lime does not remain on the fabric fibers.

On colored clothing stains from the tissue helps to bring onion juice. Only it should be noted that the use of suchThe method follows immediately after the formation of the stain. Cut a large bulb into two pieces and rub a spot with a slice. This way our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used. Do not forget to immediately wash the product, otherwise the smell of onion juice will haunt you for a very long time.

On viscose silk remove stains from the iron is very difficult. But you can try to use wine alcohol. Spread alcohol on the stain and leave the product to dry for an hour. Then rinse your thing well in the water. The spot must disappear.

Surface burns can also be tried remove with lemon juice and salt. Pour a small amount of salt on the stain from the iron, top with lemon juice diluted in a small amount of water. Allow the product to dry. Then wash the product.

Also you can neatly rub the slurry from salt and water into the place of the burn. Leave the product to dry completely on the fabric. Then clean the salt with a cloth brush.

It is worth remembering that any podpalennye places greatly weaken the integrity of the structure of the fabric and, accordingly, its strength. Therefore, use any stain remover carefully. To avoid such trouble in the future, gently iron your things.

Stains from the iron: how to clean?
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