Leather JacketIn order to update a jacket or any leather thing, it is wiped with a slightly whipped egg whites. Leather products from dark skin get shine if you wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. You can return the leather products to the former freshness if you clean the leather jacket or coat with a swab that moistens in soapy water with glycerin. After that, the jacket must be wiped with a cloth soaked in castor oil or petroleum jelly. Another home advice: You can update and clean the leather jacket, intensively rubbing it with a cut onion. As the onion is contaminated, its surface layer is cut and continues to be cleaned, and after finishing the cleaning procedure, the product should be rubbed to a shine with a clean rag.

For cleaning leather goods, on which there are contaminations not of fatty origin, a foam sponge or a cloth moistened in a warm shampoo or other detergent solution is used.

In the process of wearing a jacket often appearrubbing, which spoil its appearance. They should be lubricated with a colorless cream for the skin or use a fresh orange peel, rubbing it with the outer side of faded and faded skin. The effect is that on the outside of the crust are many essential oils that can bring shine to leather products. Naturally, skin damage is easier to prevent than to get rid of them, so cleaning of leather things should be done regularly, especially cleaning of thin and soft leather products. You can periodically clean the leather jacket with a mixture of milk and turpentine, mixed in equal volumes, after which you should apply a white cream to the skin.

Despite the effectiveness of all the aboveways to clean leather products, the main pledge of "longevity" of leather things - in regular care and observance of simple rules that will help prevent skin damage. In particular, if you often walk in a leather jacket in the rain and then do not thoroughly dry it, the material will quickly crack and lose its elasticity.

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