How to clean furniture?

Every hostess wants her house to be cozy andclean. The furniture in the house needs a particularly careful care: polished surfaces are "afraid" of aggressive cleaning products, and soft upholstery can suffer from excessive friction. Therefore the Country of Councils offers to careful hostesses some recommendations on proper care of furniture.

Unpolished furniture surfaces can be washed with warm soapy water, after whichalways wipe clean with a dry cloth. Polishing agents can not be used for unpolished furniture, since they leave fat stubborn stains on the matted surface.

To remove unpolished furniture from the surfacesmall swellings or blisters, you can put several layers of thick paper on the place of bloating and iron this area with a hot iron. If this method does not work, the swelling can be pierced with a sharp awl, drip some glue into the hole, then iron the patch with a hot iron through a layer of thick paper.

If you need to clear metal furniture parts, then for this use a mixture of ammonia (30g), tooth powder or chalk (15 g) and water (50 g). Blend the mixture before use, apply a flannel cloth to the flap. With this flap wipe the darkened or tarnished parts, and then rub them with cloth material.

Coming to cleaning upholstered furniture vacuum, it is necessary to wrap the brush of the nozzle with gauze in two layers, which is moistened in salt water (1 teaspoon of salt per liter of water).

Furniture, upholstered in plush or velvet, can not be vacuumed. To clean such furniture it is wiped softa cloth soaked in warm water, in the direction of the pile. If the upholstery has greasy stains, they can be removed with purified gasoline, a mixture of water and ammonia (2: 1), or a mixture of water and vinegar (1: 2).

It should be remembered that green upholstery under the influence of ammonia can change its color, so to clean it, ammonia can not be used.

Leather upholstery or leather upholstery should be wiped with a damp cloth, and afterapply a little whipped egg white. To remove stains from the leather surface, it is necessary to rub a paste of starch and gasoline into it (1: 1), and after drying, clean the gruel.

Plastic furniture surfaces, for example, kitchen, can be washed with a warm solutionwashing powder at the rate of one tablespoon per liter of water. It is undesirable to use soda, soap and hot water to clean painted plastic surfaces - this leads to tarnishing of the paint.

If it is needed clean the lacquered or polished surface of furniture, then you can use the following folkmeans. A glass of beer to boil with a piece of wax. Allow the mass to cool and apply it slightly to the surface of the furniture. When the mass dries, rub the surface with a piece of woolen cloth.

For cleaning polished furniture, you can alsouse vegetable oil. A few drops of oil must be applied to a piece of cotton wool and wrap it in a shred of cloth. Such swab rubs the surface of the furniture.

Polished surfaces are very "afraid" of hot objects, so left on polished furnitureA hot iron or kettle can ruin its appearance forever. If such a nuisance does happen, then it is necessary to wipe the stain with a tampon with salt, soaked in vegetable oil. Wipe with a circular motion until the spot disappears.

Old spots can be coated with a mixture of table salt andvegetable oil, and after 2-3 hours shake and wipe with a woolen rag. You can clean the furniture with a cloth soaked in milk, then wipe dry with a woolen or velvet cloth.

Glass surfaces of furniture should be cleaned with special means for glass, which do not contain abrasives. Do not use rough fabrics or brushes that can scratch the glass to clean glass surfaces.

How to clean furniture?
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