Preservation of tomatoes August... So it's time to harvest a crop of cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant and, of course, tomatoes. Preservation of tomatoes is a great way to preserve the bright taste of the summer for a long time, so that on a frosty winter evenings you can enjoy a bit of sunshine, which was absorbed by the handsome tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, are richcarotene, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, salts of potassium, sodium, iron. Tomatoes are useful to use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or cardiovascular system, they are widely used in dietary nutrition.

Preservation of tomatoes - for every hostess is a whole ritual. Prescriptions of conservation from tomatoes are many - there is plenty to choose from.

To conserve tomatoes, practicallyany fruit, except, of course, rotten. For salting good tomatoes are not very large, ripe or even slightly immature. If the fruit is a little crushed - it does not matter, they will make an excellent tomato juice or tomato paste.

As containers for the preservation of tomatoes are traditionally used wooden barrels, which in modern conditions are successfully replaced with glass jars of different capacities.

Collecting fruits to conserve tomatoes shouldin dry weather, gently laying fruits in 1-2 rows in boxes. Tomatoes can be picked up slightly unsuccessfully - they will ripen during storage. You can store tomatoes at a temperature of 10-12 ° C to 1-2 ° C - depending on the degree of their maturity.

Read also pickles tomatoes in jars in a cold way.

For the preparation of tomato juice in the homeconditions use a manual or electric juicer that has a spin regime of soft fruit. When manually pressing it is necessary to strain the juice through a sieve or gauze - to remove the remnants of the skin.

Squeezed juice is brought to a boil, adding to itsalt, sugar, vinegar or other ingredients by prescription, then poured over hot, previously sterilized jars and sterilized at 70 ° C to 15-18 minutes for 3-liter cans. Roll up with boiled lids, put upside down for cooling.

To preserve tomatoes by saltingit is necessary to select dense fruits, without damage. The brine is prepared, as a rule, from sugar, salt, vinegar, spices. Spicy leaves are laid on the bottom of the container, as well as between the layers of tomatoes, then tomatoes are poured hot brine and, covered with prepared lids, are sterilized. For sterilization of cans with a capacity of 1 liter it takes 30 minutes. After that, the cans with tomatoes are sealed and cooled.

Here are some recipes for preserving tomatoes - a note to the hostess.

Tomatoes in marinade

To prepare tomatoes in marinade you will need:

  • tomatoes

  • carrot

  • bulb onions

  • sweet pepper, bitter

  • pepper black peas

  • dill

  • celery greens

  • garlic

  • salt

  • sugar

  • vinegar 6%


In the prepared three-liter cans put on the bottom of dill, then ripe elastic tomatoes. Top with celery greens.

For each can put 3-4 cloves of garlic, 5-6 peas of black pepper.

Onions, carrots, sweet and bitter peppers are added at will.

Filled with tomatoes and spices can fill with cold water to the top. Then through a lid with a hole or a sieve, pour the water into a container (pan, bucket) - for the marinade.

Prepare the marinade. To do this, add salt and sugar to the water at a rate of 80 grams of both for each three-liter jar.

Boil marinade pour the cans with tomatoes, let stand for 5 minutes. Repeat.

On the third time, pour the tomatoes with marinade to the top, add 80 g of vinegar to each jar and roll them with boiled lids.

Roll up the wrapped cans with a warm blanket and leave for a day. Cool the cans in a cool place for storage.

Tomatoes in own juice

To prepare tomatoes in your own juice you will need:

  • tomatoes

  • salt

  • sugar

  • currant leaves

  • Bay leaf

  • garlic

  • pepper black peas

  • sweet pepper, bitter pepper

  • horseradish leaves

  • dill and other spicy greens if desired


To preserve tomatoes in their own juice, small elastic tomatoes should be separated from large, slightly crushed.

Cut the large tomatoes into a meat grinder. The resulting tomato juice with pulp should be poured into a pan or basin.

For each liter of juice add a tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Put juice on the fire.

Boil the tomato juice for at least 15 minutes.

In three-liter jars to the bottom lay spicy herbsfrom the calculation of 3-5 pcs. currant leaves, 2-3 pcs. bay leaves, 2-3 sprigs of dill or other greens, 3-5 cloves of garlic, 5-7 peas of black pepper, a small sheet of horseradish per jar.

Top with spices lay the selected small strong tomatoes. Put a small pod of sweet and bitter pepper on the tomatoes.

Banks with tomatoes pour boiling water, making sure that the tomatoes do not burst. After 15-20 minutes, drain the water through the lid with a hole or sieve.

Pour the tomatoes with boiling tomato juice, roll them with sterilized lids. Banks carefully turned upside down, wrapped in a warm blanket.

Leave until completely cooled and then put in a cool dark place for storage.

Tomatoes, green, canned

For this recipe of green tomatoes you will need:

  • green tomatoes - 4 kg

  • salt - to taste

  • sugar - 1 glass

  • currant leaves

  • bay leaves - 5 pcs.

  • cloves - 10 pcs.

  • black pepper pepper - 20 pcs.

  • sweet pepper - 0,5 kg

  • carrots - 1 kg

  • onion - 1 kg

  • parsley root - 300 g

  • vegetable oil - 300-400 g


Cut the prepared tomatoes into green slices. Onions are cut into rings, carrots and parsley root grate, sweet pepper cut into strips.

Cut the vegetables into a container, pour salt to taste, leave for 10-12 hours in a cool place.

After this, the resulting brine should be drained and subsequently used for other purposes, for example, pickling cucumbers.

Add sugar, black pepper, cloves, bay leaf, vegetable oil to the vegetable mixture. Stew for 1 hour with the lid closed.

Put the stewed vegetables in a jar. Liter and half-liter cans to sterilize 10 minutes, three-liter cans can not be sterilized.

In an inverted form, wrap the jars with a warm blanket and leave until completely cooled. Banks move for storage in a cool dark place.

For conservation, tomatoes are often used inthe composition of salads, sauces, dressings. In the "Canned" section of our website there are, for example, lecho recipes with tomatoes and pepper, recipes of Adzhika from tomatoes. Such dressings are good for various soups, borsch, they can be served as a separate snack.

Preparation of preserves from tomatoes, likeany other home preservation, requires strict adherence to all hygiene rules. All stages of preparation of fruits for conservation, sterilization of containers and finished cans - all this must be done very carefully, otherwise it is possible to get into conservation of pathogenic bacteria, very dangerous for health.

Preservation of tomatoes

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