Fear of insects
Among other phobias, the deserved place takes fear of insects or entomophobia. People with this phobia hate summer, and recreation outside the city becomes a real nightmare for them.

Very often, together with entomophobia, a person may develop arachnophobia (fear of spiders). In this case, the person it does not matter who is in front of him, the main thing is that it moves, crawls, jumps, flies and frightens.

The first signs that characterize the fear of insects appear in humans at about the age of five. This is often due to the fact that the child does not understand what kind of insect he sees, does not know what to expect from this representative of wildlife, and therefore begins to fear.

The second reason that psychologists distinguish is copying the behavior of adults. Parents or any of the elders may notTo suffer from fear of insects, but, nevertheless, not to feed to them special sympathy. In this case, the child may develop fear of insects as a consequence of the stories of adults that ossu, or another insect, can not be touched, because it will bite.

And, undoubtedly, entomophobia can develop in a child After it really bites any insect. Especially if such an incident occurred in early childhood. The connection of a small insect and pain deeply rooted in the child's psyche, and develops a negative attitude towards the whole class.

Often children like to tell terrible stories about how someone bitten a big beetle, and about the horrors that followed. Yes, and themselves adults sometimes provoke a child's disgust and fear to insects, frightening them by the fact that they are surely bitten by a terrible beetle or a wasp.

Literary works and feature films also make their contribution to the development of entomophobia.

In addition, scientists believe that fear of insects can be an echo of the memory of generations. Our ancestors were wary of many speciesinsects, because they carried a real threat. Now most of the representatives of this class lost their lethality, but the memory of the fact that an insect bite may be followed by a terrible disease - has remained.

Living with this phobia is really difficult. Fear of insects makes a person avoid any contact with representatives of this class. This phobia is especially aggravated in a warm timeyear, when insects surround us everywhere, and even in their home, it is not always possible to cope with annoying mosquitoes or flies. Therefore, entomophobia requires compulsory treatment.

What can I do on my own to eradicate the fear of insects? First of all try to find out more about them. You do not need to become an entomologist, but reading literature, watching educational films and programs, it would still be appropriate.

Seeing the insect, try to pull yourself together. Breathe deeply, convince yourself that you are much larger andstronger than this little defenseless creature. Try to find in it positive qualities. For example, a bee pollinates flowers, produces honey, and substances obtained as a result of the vital activity of some insects are used in medicine, perfumery, cosmetology.

Nurture will power, Looking through pictures and photos with the image of insects. Do not run away from every wasp or butterfly with a wild cry and panic.

If the fear of insects develops in the child, try to tell him stories more often and read books about good mosquitoes and ants. Help in this matter and good cartoons about the representatives of this class. Do not make a bad example, try to show the child that insects are not scary.

Fear of insects
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