Fear of peopleAt the moment there are so many incredible phobias that it's impossible to imagine where they came from. Some of them are very common among people, others are not very. Fear of people, or anthropophobia - not uncommon. It turns out that a lot of people are afraid of being surrounded by others.

Fear of people is a form of social phobia, because of which people seek by any meansavoid the company of others. This kind of phobia has so many different manifestations. So, some are afraid of old people, others are children, others are bald people. There are also such kinds of phobias as fear of men or women. Many people can not imagine how to be afraid of a beautiful woman. But in fact there are people for whom the fear of women has become a reality. Enumerate all the phobias associated with people, you can very long, but the essence is always the same - a person will in every possible way avoid any company.

Fear of people can lead to the fact that a person can develop various neuroses. And this is only in the best case, because in the endReclusion will make any person antisocial. Since entering into social contacts will become increasingly difficult and difficult, a person will not be able to ask for help at all. But what is there to hide, many do not even suspect that their fear of people is manifested in this way.

Doctors still can not understand, why does a person develop fear of people. The causes of fear of spiders, snakes or heights are clearIs a centuries-old protective reaction of self-preservation of an organism. But on the other hand, we can not defeat these fears, at this moment snakes and spiders do not do us much harm. But with nature there is nothing to be done ...

But where did the fear of people come from, psychologists are still not completely clear. Likely, fear of people originates when a person is in childhood. In early childhood, the child relies more onsmells and familiar sounds, than on other channels of perception of information. Therefore, nature has developed a certain mechanism for recognizing native people and avoiding strangers. Many mothers may notice that the child does not always want to communicate with strangers. Thus, fear of people makes itself felt. But the extreme degree of this mental illness can be considered the refusal of children to communicate even with familiar people.

But the fact is that live alone all my life - it's impossible, because at some point you want to getfamily. But the fear of people does not provide an opportunity to find a new social circle. And to avoid people all your life means to be afraid of life itself. After all, every person is a part of society. You can escape and become a hermit, but will this life be ideal?

Fear of people should be treated. Unfortunately, in our country there is very littlepsychologists who would help to cope with this phobia. Psychiatrists can not help, because they treat only the consequences, not the root cause. Therefore, each person must himself realize that he needs to change something in life.

It is not necessary to consider fear of people as a disease, its It should be taken as a manifestation of the attitude towards others. And if no one can control the course of the disease, then one's own attitude towards something or someone can always be managed. Therefore, there are several recommendations that everyone can follow.

To overcome the fear of people, you should admit that you have it. Formulate for yourself as clearly as possibleyour own problem, write down everything that you are afraid of. Maybe you are only afraid of strangers. Describe as much as possible your fear, how it manifests itself. Now that the problem has been identified, you can begin to fight your fear. To do this, always consult a specialist. Even if it is a stranger to you, it should be perceived as "your own".

When the first steps to overcome your problemmade, you will be able to fully enjoy the communication with other people. And do not forget that your own fear is a personal simulator that will help you to become stronger every day. And when you feel the strength to go further, you can try to go to the market, to travel in public transport. AND create your own journal of victories, in which you can always record your personal achievements.

Fear of people
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