Fear of space
Fear of space or agoraphobia is no less commonphobia, than fear of enclosed space or fear of heights. This phobia deprives a person of normal full-fledged life, as it makes him avoid the open area and a large crowd of people.

A person suffering from agoraphobia can not safely walk through the open countryside. is he tries to avoid the wide streets and squares, uncomfortable feeling in the park, on the beach, in the fieldor in the market. Like claustrophobia, the fear of space can be expressed in the fact that a person is panic-stricken by crowds and a large number of people. The difference lies in the fact that the claustrophobic is afraid of being crushed by the crowd, and agoraphob - that they will pay attention to him. He is afraid of looking ridiculous or ugly, afraid of disgracing himself and being ridiculed.

Especially uncomfortable is a person who has this phobia, if he It is necessary to overcome the open terrain alone. Do not like agoraphobes and places that can not beleave without attracting attention, for example, hairdressers or cinemas. These people are not suitable for public professions and leadership positions. Speaking for a podium or going on stage is a real torture for someone who has a fear of space.

If a person does not try to fight, the fear of space leads to the fact that he can completely close in his house, communicate only with a certain circle of people andpractically fenced off from the outside world, because only in its own "world" agoraphob feels safe and comfortable. Necessary outlets from home a person who suffers from a fear of space, tries to do accompanied by a relative or close friend.

Symptoms of agoraphobia can be considered tense expectation of reaching the open area, or getting into the crowd. To get to a certain destination, agoraphob will rather choose a route passing through narrow alleys than it will enter the central street.

In case of getting into an uncomfortable situation, the fear of space makes a person feel uncontrolled panic attacks, which usually last from 10 to 15 minutes. At this point, a person can experience an uncontrollable fear of death or the fear of going insane.

The remaining symptoms are usually are similar to the symptoms of other phobias: frequent irregular heartbeat, increased sweating, dizziness, trembling, rapid breathing. There may be a feeling of unreality or strangeness of what is happening. There is also fear of loneliness and the fear that a person will not be able to overcome the open space and lose control.

Usually people who develop fearspace, have a very rich imagination. Sometimes their brains draw pictures that are difficult to distinguish between agoraphobia and reality. Therefore, it seems to a person that he is really going crazy.</ p>

Unlike other phobias, the fear of space, usually manifested in humans about 20-25 years old. Women suffer from this psychiatric disorder twice as often as men.

Causes, which served to the fact that a person appearedfear of space, you can consider a congenital predisposition to mental disorders, nervousness and anxiety. Otherwise, agoraphobia, like most phobias, can be a consequence of a negative moment in childhood.

Perhaps, agoraphobia appeared due to the fact that in childhood a person Too close to perceived the opinions and comments of others, hence the painful desire to remain as little as possible noticeable, to get lost in one's house and not to go out into the open country.

Most often, the fear of space are treated by methods of psychotherapy. A specialist helps a person to establish the causethe emergence of this phobia and eradicate it. More effective is the treatment of agoraphobia, when, in addition to psychotherapy, the patient is prescribed a course of antidepressants or other sedatives.

In most cases, treatment has an effective effect and allows a person who has a fear of space to lead a normal full life.

Fear of space
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