KIA Sportage
Updated Kia Sportage 2007 looks very noble. This car is dynamic and mobile.

Unique combination of SUV and comfortable sedan It gives a smooth movement and at the same time allows you to overcome difficult areas. Comfortable suspension will allow you to drive confidently even on a broken road.

A unique opportunity will pleasetransmissions, and when driving on loose earth, it will help to connect the rear axle, which will make it easy to get off the ground. Off-road, the car exhibits excellent off-road qualities.

The original design and a wide range of options, interior space and technical parameters - all this makes Sportage bright and original modern car.


Mighty look Sportage transmits to motorists feeling of reliability. Most of all, this model is highlighted by its massive bumper, the vertical protection elements of which pass along the edges of the air intake and spread to the radiator grille.

In addition, Sportage is endowed twin head light bulbs with integrated turn signals, forwhich are fog lamps. Side mirrors and handles are made in the color of the body. And the characteristic vyshtampovka on the side parts once again emphasizes the belonging of the Sportage to the class SUV.

Sportage has spacious salon, so the driver and passengers can feel comfortable even with a long trip. Quality and style the finishes of this model significantly differ from many competitors of this class.

The interior of the car looks solid and expensive. Passengers will be pleased with the successful selection of the texture and color of the finishing materials. The front console, the outlines of which give it sportiness, is complete most convenient way for the driver and can be decorated with a finish for "metal" and "wood".

Opposite the front passenger seat above thethe glove compartment is located a handle that will help the passenger to feel less discomfort when driving on impassable roads, and also will complete the interior design as a whole.

KIA Sportage

On the inside of the door, the card and the handle of which are painted in metallic color, there is a rather capacious pocket. Wide back sofa freely accepts three passengers who, thanks to the spaciousness of the salon, will not feel a shadow of discomfort.

At the same time, neither in the knees nor the heads of passengerswill be cramped. The rear seats are equipped with an armrest and can be folded in a horizontal position, thereby significantly increasing the volume of the trunk. It is only with one movement of the hand to raise the lock and to deflect the backrest.

The cushion is shifted down and forward, and the back rests on its place, thereby forming an absolutely flat floor.


The line of engines is presented petrol and diesel capacity of 2.0 liter with a power of 142 hp. and 112 hp. respectively, as well as a 2.7-liter gasoline engine with a maximum power of 175 hp.


Sportage has a large number of elementsSafety, which comply with the latest standards and standards. Active safety includes ventilated front and rear disc brakes, four-sensor, four-channel system ABS with EBD (electronic brake force distribution system), as an option, a traction control (TCS) system is also installed.

To the passive security elements included in theThe standard equipment includes the driver's front airbag and the passenger (the passenger's airbag is not included in the base of the front-wheel-drive Sportage), height-adjustable three-point seat belts, active head restraints, a crash release system, etc.

KIA Sportage

KIA Sportage Specifications

Type of fuelpetroldiesel
engine's typeDOHC CVVTCRDi
Number / arrangement of cylinders4 / row
Working volume, cm319751991
Number of valves16
Max power, hp (rpm)142 (6000)112 (4000)
Max. Twisting
torque, N • m (rpm)
18.8 (4500)25.0 (1800-2500)
Fuel requirementsgasoline RON95diesel EN590
Fuel tank capacity, l58
Transmission typeATMTAT
Number of gears454
Body typeWagon
Number of doors55
Dimensions (length / width / height), mm4350/1800/1695
Wheelbase, mm2630
Track (front, rear), mm1540/1540
Radius of turn, m5.4
Ground clearance, mm195
Luggage space, l (VDA)667 (SAE)
Dynamic characteristics
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, c10.412.013.816.1
Acceleration of 60-100 km / h, c10.
Maximum speed, km / h176160168162
Braking distance 100-0 km / h, m40.5
Fuel consumption
City, l / 100km10.611.99.210.1
Track, l / 100km6.
Mixed, l / 100km8.297.18
Suspension (front / rear)Stand Mac Popper / Multilink
Brakes (front / rear)disk ventilated / disc
Curb weight * (min / max), kg1548/16211612/1683

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