KIA Magentis
Kia Magentis is made in a restrained-classical style and represents a highly-equipped, business and modern business-class sedan.

The car is different spacious interior and a capacious trunk. KIA Magentis is characterized by excellent dynamics and comfortable behavior on the highway in high-speed mode. Overtaking and rebuilding the car performs clearly, while maintaining stability on the road.

Thanks to the soft suspension, the potholes on the roads are smoothed out as much as possible, which pleasantly affects the sensations of passengers.

KIA Magentis has absorbed an impressive liststandard and additional options that will come to the liking of any car enthusiast. This is a real masterpiece of the automotive industry of the new century, which is created for those who want to take their rightful place in the prestigious circle of business people.


Front view is distinguished by its modernity and solidity. Characteristic lines of the hood, rising from the grille, give an additional charm appearance.

The front bumper is combined in style withlocated below the air intake, which is highlighted by horizontal lines and emphasizes the solidity of the car. The black background of the combined headlight makes the Magentis look deeper and at the same time dynamic.

Complement the design located on the sidesair intake fog lights. The windshield washer distributes the water flow in three directions, which ensures the cleanliness of the entire glass area. Chromed framing of the rear windows emphasizes luxury, and the shape of the rear rack - sportiness of the model.

To improve the safety of movement,The car is equipped with additional lateral turns which allow to be guided more to other participants of movement. Handles of doors and moldings are executed in color of a body. The outer pads on the thresholds not only improve aerodynamics, but also complete the concept of the sports profile of Magentis.

Dynamics of the car is emphasized by castdisks. The charm of the model is complemented by a wider line of the joint of the rear doors, while the joint line above the bumper, on the contrary - is not very noticeable. Behind the sporty character of the model gives a voluminous, high, but visually short form of the trunk.

KIA Magentis


Engine 2.0 Theta (theta) engine

  • Due to the fact that the exhaust system is located under the bumper, the catalyst warm-up time is reduced, thereby reducing the number of exhausts.

  • To avoid friction and wear of engine parts, the valve system, piston rings and liners are made of specially designed materials.

  • To extend the life of the engine andChanging the noise level to the timing mechanism, chain transmission is used, while auxiliary systems (air conditioning compressor, water pump, generator, power-assisted compressor) are driven by a belt drive to optimize engine size and reduce NVH (noise, vibration, exhaust)

  • The volume of 1.998 cc, capacity 144.5 hp / 6000 rev .; The torque is 19.3 kg / m at 4250 rpm.

Engine 2,7 V6 Mu

  • Considering the introduction of new technologies (such as,mechanical expansion joints for MLA valves, aluminum alloy, reinforcement ribs, etc.), the engine was given the new name Mu. In addition, the engine uses a three-level system to change the geometry of the intake path.

  • The volume of 2.656 cubic cm, power 188 hp / 6000 rev .; the torque is 25.2 kg / m at 4000 rpm.


  • Active:

- disc brakes (front 280mm, rear 260mm), dual brake system amplifier 8x9 inches

  • Passive:
- front airbags for driver and front passenger
- pretensioners of seat belts with adjustable tension of belts
- the use of reinforced steel panels in the body (in the door, hood, roof, etc.)
- active headrests
- passenger airbag deactivation system (in case it does not comply with the growth and weight norms)
- Touchscreen driver. The window is closed at the touch of a button and, in the event of a collision with an object in the closing zone, automatically falls down to avoid harm to the driver.
- the central locking automatically opens when a collision occurs.

KIA Magentis

KIA Magentis Technical Specifications

Body: Sedan
Engine: 2.7 DONC 2.0 DONC 2.0 VGT Dsl
Scope 2656 1998 1991
Maximum power (hp / rpm) 188/6000 145/6000 140/4000
Maximum torque (kg / rpm) 25.2 / 4000 19.3 / 4250 31.1 / 2500
Mechanical - 5MT 6MT
Automatic 5AT 4AT 4AT
Front Disk ventilated
Rear Disk
Front Independent, such as McPherson
Rear Independent, multi-link
Wheels 205 / 65R15, 205 / 60R16, 215 / 50R17
Fuel Tank (L) 62
Fuel consumption per 100 km: aut. CPR (meh.KPP / aut.KPP) (meh.KPP / aut.KPP)
City cycle 13.1 10.5 / 10.9 8.1 / 10.4
Track 7 6.1 / 6.4 5.0 / 5.6
Mixed cycle 9.2 7.7 / 8.1 6.0 / 7.3
Maximum speed (km / h) 220 208/195 201/2004
Acceleration to 100 km (s) 9.1 10.2 / 11.2 10.4 / 11.7
Dimensions (mm):
Length 4735
Width 1805
Height 1480
Wheelbase 2720
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 160
Vehicle weight (kg) 1490 1408/1432 1525/1557

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