Chevrolet Cruze
Elements of global design Chevrolet Cruze, such as pointed lights, coupe-style bodywork, and a massive grille, will certainly attract attention.

Appearance Chevrolet Cruze

The international team of designers receiveda clear task is to develop a new compact-class sedan that will give a new development to the entire Chevrolet line-up. The solution was Cruz, whose design can be described as four-door coupe - the unexpected appearance of the car in this segment.

Safety system.

Body stiffness Cruze is increased in comparison with its predecessor140%, all sitting inside are perfectly protected. The car frame is additionally reinforced with stiffeners, the body withstands a torsional moment of 17.66 kNm / deg.

About 65% of the body is made of high-strength steel (this is 50% more than in the previous model). The distribution system of the possible load on passengers will also effectively protect the crew in case of serious accidents.

Zones of deformation in front and behind maximallyeffectively absorb energy upon impact. The doors are reinforced with a "net" of tubular stiffeners. This allows you to protect the interior of the car in the event of an impact from the side.

Front and rear bumpers will allow to remain without traces at speeds of up to 4 km / h, completely softening the impact.

All five seats for passengers are equipped with seat belts. There are front, side airbags and foot cushions. Active safety includes ABS / TCS brake system and ESC stability system


The buyer is given the opportunity to choose one of two gasoline engines (1.6 and 1.8 liters), both with a variable valve timing system with electronic control (VTEC).

Motor volume 1.6 liters provides a speed of 6400 rpm,the maximum power is 83 kW / 112 liters. from. (the torque is 153 Nm at 4200 rpm). The 1.8-liter engine boasts a power output of 104 kW / 140 liters. from. (at 6200 rpm), the maximum torque is 176 Nm at 3800 rpm.

These indicators allow us to refer the engine to the best in the market.
Chevrolet Cruz with a 1.6 engine and a mechanicalthe transmission is able to develop a speed of 100 km / h in 12.5 seconds, a more powerful one, 1.8 liters in 10 seconds, spending 6.7 and 6.8 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle, respectively.

Chevrolet Cruze

For gasoline engines, a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed new automatic transmission is available.

Absolutely in all versions and complete setsThe engine is mounted on a stretcher with four rubber bushings, which allows you to reduce the transmission of vibrations from the engine and wheels - in the cabin it will be minimal.

Suspension, braking system, steering.

Chassis, suspension and brakes Chevrolet Cruze have been developed taking into account the wishes and characteristics of European drivers, the conditions of the European motorways have not been left without attention.

Designers and designers were balancing between providing fast acceleration / dynamic driving and comfortable driving.

Compared to its predecessor, Cruz has morewide front and rear track. From the front, it is increased by 64 mm - up to 1544 mm, rear - by 78 mm, to 1558 mm. The wheelbase has also become longer by 85 mm - 2688 mm.

In the front suspension is a classical scheme: McPherson strut with stabilizer of lateral stability. The lower suspension arms are made in the A-shape. A new generation of shock absorbers provide better isolation of the passenger compartment from noise and vibrations.

The rear suspension of the Cruise is made on a semi-independent principle with a twisting transverse beam. This is a reliable, proven solution, characterized by low weight and compact size.

Both in front and behind, Cruz is equipped with disc brakes.

Standard equipment includes antilock braking system (ABS) (supplemented with traction control TCS), electronic brake force distribution system, and the roadside stability system ECS, which can be considered a luxury for cars of this class.

The power steering is characterized by the speed of reactions with low steering effort. The range of rotation of the steering wheel "from abutment to stop" is less than three revolutions.

Chevrolet Cruze

Specifications Base 1.6 MT

Working capacity (cc)1598
Number / arrangement of cylinders4 cylinders
Diameter (mm)79
Piston stroke (mm)81.5
Rated power (hp / kW / rev / min)109/80/6000
Torque (N * m / RPM)150/4000
Maximum speed (km / h)185
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) (s)12.5
Transmission manual+
Gearbox automatic-
Tire / Tire Size (Tire Size)205/60 R16
Wheel size (Disk size)6.5J X 16
Front suspensionType McPherson
Rear suspensionTorsion beam
Fuel economy
Fuel consumption: mixed cycle (l / 100km)7.3
CO2 emissions (g / km)172
Emission level / Compliance with environmental standardsEcological class Euro IV
Length (mm)4597
Width (mm)1788
Height (mm)1477
Wheelbase (mm)2685
Track of front wheels (mm)1544
Track of rear wheels (mm)1558
The minimum turn radius (m)10.9
Volume of luggage compartment with rear seats raised (l)450
Ceiling height above the front seats (mm)999
Ceiling height above rear seats (mm)963
Width of salon at shoulder height of front passengers (mm)1391
The width of the cabin at the level of the shoulders of the rear passengers (mm)1370
Space for feet of front passengers (mm)1074
Space for the feet of the rear passengers (mm)917
Fuel tank capacity (l)60
Maximum permissible mass (kg)1788
External equipment
Door handles in body color-
Bumpers in body color+
Rear-view mirror in body color+
Front fog lights-
Full-size spare wheel+
Internal equipment
Sunglasses storage case-
Leather steering wheel and shift lever-
Comfort seats
Adjusting the driver's seat in height-
Folding rear seats in a 60/40 ratio+
Front center armrest with compartment for small items-
Central armrest on rear seat+
Easy management
Power steering+
Cruise control-
Height-adjustable steering column+
Steering column with height and reach adjustment-
Front power windows+
Rear power windows-
Heated rear view mirrors+
The electric drive of rear-view mirrors+
Rain sensor-
Rear parking sensor-
Light sensor-
Audio system
4 speakers+
6 speakers-
Radio and CD / MP3 player+
Steering audio system on the steering wheel-
Microclimate and heating
Climate control-
Active security
Disc Brakes+
Passive safety
Front airbags for driver and front passenger+
Side airbags for driver and front passenger+
Height-adjustable front seat belts+
ISOFIX child seat fixings+
Front seat belt pretensioners+
Driver's seat belt indicator+
Ceiling curtain airbags-
Protection against theft
Engine immobilizer+
Leather Meridian-
Cloth Flat woven+
Fabric Mesh-

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