BMW 3 series Two characteristic sharp lines converging at the BMW logo create dynamics in motion, and the shoulder line, emerging from the headlights and running parallel to the sideline, visually lengthens the car.

BMW 3 Series - this is the embodiment of one idea: choosing the right body for the most athletic sedan in its class.

This effect adds a specialsportiness, which is also visible in athletic perfectly aligned wheel arches. Convex and concave surfaces are combined with the movements of the lines up and down, so that the front of the car looks wider and more dynamic.

Accuracy of production of internal materialsupholstery, reliable grip of the steering wheel, high-quality chrome trim details. Open your eyes, and the BMW 3 Series Sedan will confirm your tactile impressions.

It's so easy to drive. It is impossible to force oneself out of it. It is enough to hold a hand over its surface in order to feel the undoubted quality.


The average person blinks about 10 times perminute. This time is enough to miss 2000 individual fuel injections, in which each time only 2 mg of fuel is supplied. This amazing accuracy is provided by piezoinjectors, which are located centrally between the valves.

Thanks to this, efficiency is improved, and dynamics is also improved. The best dynamics with less fuel consumption is the basic principle of the BMW EfficientDynamics program.


Sure control at high speeds, easyEntry and exit from tight parking spaces. The optional active steering system BMW 3 Series Sedan allows you to provide different angles of rotation in accordance with the situation.

The lower the vehicle speed, the more direct the steering. The result is obvious: more confident grip of the car with the road, as well as extra pleasure from driving.

Six-speed gearbox

Short lever travel and instant shifting. The clutch is again restored and transfers all effort to the rear wheels.

The six-speed transmission installed in the standard BMW 3 Series sedan allows you to evaluate the powerful torque of the engine and get even more driving pleasure.

Regardless of your driving style, the efficiency and dynamics of the 3 Series car will remain unchanged.

BMW 3 series

Ergonomics and security

Right to continue, left to go back, and turn to select. Now you know how to manage a new system iDrive, which provides full control of all the functions of the BMW 3 Series Sedan - from the navigation system to the Internet.

Access to the most important functions is availabledirectly with the help of special buttons. The information is displayed on the control display located above the center console. This allows you not to take your eyes off the road, and nothing will stop you from getting continuous pleasure from driving.

Long drive on the motorway. BMW 3 Series Sedan moves at a set speed. He is approaching the car ahead, which is traveling slower, and the system active cruise control automatically reduces the speed of the sedan.

When the car in front is free, the sedan will regain its previous speed - and all this does not require the attention of the driver. With a gentle pressure on the gas pedal, the system switches off instantly.

Active security. Developed with high accuracy network of systemssuspension, engine management, brakes and tires, and a set of electronic sensors serve one purpose: to ensure the safety of the BMW 3 Series Sedan on the road even in the most difficult situations, since maximum control means maximum safety.

Passive safety. A sensible combination of modern safety elements makes the BMW 3 Series Sedan one of the safest cars. Six standard air cushions are thrown out if necessary.

The passive safety system, including belt tensioners and tension limiters, will protect people in a split second in a car if a collision is unavoidable.

BMW 3 series

Specifications of the BMW 3 Series Sedan


  • The size of the front tires 205/55 R 16 H

  • The size of the rear tires 205/55 R 16 H

  • The size of the front discs is 7 J x 16 steel

  • The size of the rear wheels 7 J x 16 steel


  • Cylinders / valves 4/4

  • Working volume (cubic cm) 1995

  • Piston stroke / cylinder diameter (mm) 90,0 / 84,0

  • Maximum performance (kW, hp) at a frequency of 1 / min. 100 (136) / 5750

  • The maximum torque (Nm / min) at a frequency of 1 / min. 180/3250

Weight (kg)

  • Unladen weight according to EU 1435

  • Permissible gross weight 1880

  • Carrying capacity 520

  • Permissible axial load (trans / rear) 895/1060


  • Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (cw) 0,26

  • Top speed (km / h) 210

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h from the seat 9.8

  • Time of passage of 1000 m from a place 30,1

  • Acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h on the 4th / 5th gear (s) 9.4 / 12.4

Fuel consumption

  • In the city (l / 100 km) 10.3

  • Out of town (l / 100 km) 5.7

  • Mixed (l / 100 km) 7.4

  • CO2 Emission (g / km) 177

  • Tank capacity (l) 63

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